How to Make Your Pet a Social Media Star

May 8, 2017

By Linda Cole

It goes without saying that we all think we have the cutest pet on the planet. The Internet has given us a fun and easy way to showcase our precious pets, and they might even become a social media star!

Whether you prefer Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube, the road to stardom depends in large part to a proactive social media strategy. Of course, there’s no guarantee of success, but you can increase the odds of making your pet a social media star with the following tips.

Set Up a Separate Account

Your pet needs his own account on whatever social media site you choose for him to strut his stuff. This frees up your personal account and keeps your pet related stories, photos or videos out of your feed. There’s nothing wrong with sharing some of your pet’s posts with your friends, but not everyone likes having their feed loaded with the latest adorable thing your pet is doing. However, that’s exactly what your pet’s followers want and expect to find.

Pick a Memorable Username

With millions of active users on social media, you need a name that stands out in the crowd. Before your pet can gain stardom, he has to get followers. A catchy and unique name can pique the interest of potential followers and draw them to your pet’s account. When creating a unique name keep it simple, short, easy to remember and easy to spell. It can be funny, cute or creative. Remember – you are creating a name that will become your pet’s brand. Once you’ve picked a cool username, leave it alone and don’t change it. If you need inspiration for a name, check out usernames of your favorite pages or channels.

Be Ready Before You Start

Making your pet a social media star won’t happen overnight. Before creating an account for your pet, be ready with a supply of quality photos. A good camera and some knowledge about photography can help skyrocket your pet to stardom. Pay attention to lighting and composition, and use props when appropriate. Interesting and clear photos will get you more followers than blurry ones.

Highlight Your Pet’s Uniqueness

What’s the one thing that will make your pet stand out? Does he have cool markings on his coat, or an expressive face? Is he funny? Does he do tricks, ride a skateboard or do other things that make him unique? You need to have fun photos or videos that reveal to potential followers who your pet is as an individual. Be creative when taking photos, use captions and do your best to give your followers what they are looking for.

Post Often

Always be ready to capture as many cute or funny photos or videos of your pet as you can. The key to success on any social media site is to post on a regular basis.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help people find things of interest to them, and you can help by using pet-related hashtags unique to the social media sites you use. To figure out which ones work the best, pay attention to the hashtags that the more popular pet accounts are using. You can utilize them as well if they are relevant to what you are posting. For instance, on Instagram some of the best hashtags are #petsofinstagram, #dogsof instagram, #catsof instagram and #weeklyfluff.

Follow Others

Find pets you want to follow and post comments on their page. Networking is an important part in helping your pet rise to stardom. Sometimes it’s who you are following that can help drive interest to your pet’s account. Interact with fellow pet lovers online and in real life. Famous social media stars usually have business cards their owners hand out to people.

Keep it Safe and Fun

If you use clothing or props, make sure everything is pet friendly and don’t take pictures in any location that could put your pet at risk. Know when your “star” is tired of having a camera in his face and avoid using the flash whenever you can. Reward your pet with some tasty CANIDAE treats after photo sessions.

The most successful social media pets began with posts that highlighted what makes them unique. Making your pet a star will require time and energy, but posting pictures of your furry friend could pay off if he gets lots of followers. If you’re lucky, it could even turn into a moneymaking endeavor with sponsorships, merchandise sales and guest spots!

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