Why Do Cats Love Some People More Than Others?

May 2, 2017

By Langley Cornwell

In households with multiple humans, the family cat often chooses one favorite person. What exactly are the criteria? How and why do they choose that particular individual over all the others?

I ask this because before we got our cat, I was not a “cat person.” It was a learned behavior though; as a child, my dad was extremely allergic to cats so we simply could not have one. I begged for a cat for years. I wished for a pill that could cure my dad of his cat allergies. After a long time of torturing my parents, I finally realized we could never have a cat, so I let it go. And in the process, I worked on developing an indifference towards cats. I loaded my life with dogs and figured I was simply a “dog person.”

Life has a funny way of throwing you plot twists. I met my husband, an avowed “cat person,” and I’m sure you can guess what happened next. After we were married, we went to the shelter for a dog. We did come home with a dog that day, but we also adopted a cat. We still laugh about how I laid out all the new rules for sharing my house with a cat, a creature I knew nothing about. I proclaimed that the cat would not be allowed on the furniture. I swore the cat would never touch paw to our kitchen counters. And by no means was the cat allowed on our bed, especially when we were trying to sleep.


The cat is now at the top of the Cornwell hierarchy which includes me, my husband and two big, strong dogs. Our cat rules the household, and has us all trained to do his bidding. On top of all that, he’s picked me to be his favorite human. This cat loves me, and the feeling is quite mutual. He’s my cat and I’m most definitely his person.

But let’s get back to my original question: how do cats pick who it is that they’re going to bond the strongest with? Why didn’t our cat pick my husband, who gets up first in the morning to feed the pets their CANIDAE meals and make sure everyone has what they need to start the day? After all, he’s the “cat person.” It stands to reason he’d be our cat’s chosen one, right?

It seems that cats gravitate towards the human that learns to communicate with them the best. Cats are crafty, and they will modify their means of communication to get what they want from the people in their household. The person who understands what the cat wants and complies most often will likely win the favor.

Because every cat is different, this will mean different things to different cats. There is no specific road map to follow. For instance, a skittish, shy kitty will probably gravitate towards the person who makes him feel most secure. Cats who love to play usually pick the person who dangles the feather teaser the most. But like everything with cats, it’s not so black-and-white. It basically boils down to the fact that the cat picks his favorite human based on who interacts with him the way he wants to be interacted with. If your interactions with your cat involve welcomed physical interactions and reciprocal devotion, then you will probably become their favorite human.

Most friendly, well-adjusted cats will show affection to other people in the household as well, but studies indicate that they form a more profound connection with their specific chosen human. If that human proves worthy, then that’s that.

About those ground rules I mentioned earlier? Well, the cat makes himself at home on any and every surface of the house, including furniture and, sigh, countertops. What’s more, he sleeps right on top of me every night.

How about your cat? Has he or she selected a favorite human? Do you have a theory about why the cat picked that person?

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  1. Jamie says:

    My mum has her cat and mine with her at the moment, she loves with her sister and her brother in law. Both my aunty and uncle day they don’t like cats, but both the cats have seemed to steer towards them. My mum is the one who feeds them and changes their litter, she is the one who is home the most and shows them affection. So I can’t seem to figure out why the cats don’t sleep or sit with my mum anymore.

  2. Holly says:

    I recently adopted some stray kittens, one was a little tortoise shell whom I named Rosie. She was a bit skittish on the first day but by the second she wouldn’t let me put her down, and a month and a half later she will throw a little tiff if I so much as hold the other kittens. She will immediately demand my attention in the mornings and sleep by me as often as possible. Unlike the others, who would rather play, she will let me pick her up whenever I want to and just cuddle in my arms. I love the little angel.

  3. AC says:

    “I wished for a pill that could cure my dad of his cat allergies”

    I can’t help but respond to that. There is indeed a pill that can do that! Not a cure, but a genuine treatment that enables people with cat allergies to live happily with them.

    My mother had cats when I was born. When she realised I was quite allergic to them, giving away her beloved family members, indeed her other ‘children’, simply wasn’t an option. She would have resented me, at least a little (which she could not have helped), and she knew that. Cats were her happiness. So I went to the doctor, and have been on allergy medication the majority of my life. My allergies are pretty severe that I need more than a pill, so I use prescription nasal sprays as well. While I still struggle with some cats (especially short-haired ones), and sometimes have puffy eyes and a stuffy nose, it’s more than worth it to spend my life with felines.

    To this day I am beyond grateful that she didn’t let my allergies stand in the way of growing up with cats. That she kept the cats and did whatever we had to do to ensure we didn’t abandon her beloved family members, has in fact saved my life.

    How has that saved my life, you ask? A bit dramatic, you may think? Well, in 2006 I was driving home from work at 4pm when a drunk driver ran a light and crashed into me, nearly killing me. I was left disabled, which made me lose my job, my friends, my belongings, and the roof over my head.

    In addition, I suffer with intolerable physical pain from the extensive and permanent physical injuries (I’m still having major surgeries 13 years later). Some people in horrific pain are given medicine that allows them to do things and enjoy some quality of life, but I’m not so lucky. My doctors have demonised opiates so, even though for several years I had them and they enabled me to have a social life and still do, in moderation, the things I love, I now live somewhere that my doctors refuse me that life-giving medicine. So I’m now homebound and usually bedbound because the pain is too severe to actually go places and do things. The only thing, and I really do mean the ONLY thing, that’s kept me going when I have zero quality of life (I can’t even bathe when I want to), is my cats. They are my only family, my only friends that I get to actually see, my only real joy in life.

    Their love makes my unbearable situation, bearable. If it weren’t for their companionship, I would not be able to tolerate what’s left of my life.

    So when I see people giving away or abandoning their cats due to allergies, it just kills me. I wonder how many children will not have that special, deep bond with a cat, who might need that love to get through life.

  4. David Kelly says:

    In my situation I believe it is because I am the dominant one and recognized by our four rescued cats as such. I talk to them all very often, pet them the most, snuggle them, feeds them and the one who disciplines them it needed (little yell or light smack on the rear or, if they bite, grabbed my the scruff and stared at.) They all continuously vie for my attention. The lay with me, sit with me, talk back to me, and listen to me. They are with my wife sometimes but if I call they come. Our one female cat is especially loyal. I am the only human allowed to pet her and if my wife and I get into an argument and my wife gets a tone in her voice, our female attack will attack her. I have never seen anything like that before.
    I honestly believe they see me as a big, hairless, cat who is the boss cat.

  5. Nyall Collinson says:

    I found my cat on the street homeless 3 years ago.

    Ive been around cats since birth, and I had just moved out for the first time, so naturally I attempted to say hello.

    She was black and covered in fleas (naturally a black and white cat) and absolutely petrified of me to begin with.

    She would see me more often and slowly but surely she grew more confident.

    I will never forget yhe first day she let me pet her.

    Ever since she never leaves my lap and follows me everywhere like a loyal dog. Its weird because Ive always known cats to be solitary for the most part.

    I guess she was so poorly looked after before she refuses to let me leave her sight. 🙂

    Her name is Kit Kat (name of a British chocolate bar) but we also call her kit kat chunky because of how much weight she gained after taking her in. Lol

  6. Encale Zeliang says:

    Cat’s love me. I’m not sure why. I think there’s something about us that makes them pick us.

  7. Emily Gomez says:

    i got my cat when she was about 8 weeks old. i always had her fed, played with her allll the time, and leave her alone when she wanted it ( also making sure my siblings left her alone too) but somehow my cat always follows my baby sister! my sister is 4 and always bugs my cat she pulls her tail, cuddles with her too much and Amira( my cat) is always meowing to get away. But if you put all my siblings in one room she always sleeps next to my sister. no matter what at first i thought nothing of it but my siblings LOVE sleeping all together. so they do this constantly, Amira is always sleeping with my sister. i think it’s cute but i really wish Amira picked me:(.

  8. Jessica Ellis says:

    My friends used to own a long hair calico who from the day they got her was displeased about everything and would regularly attack them while they were petting her. Well eventually they got a dog that didn’t back down to this fur-ocious cat, so I took her in “temporarily”. Well it’s been about 7 months and my friends have since gotten rid of the dog. However I still have the cat, because she is an entirely different cat. She is now super social, loves everyone and has only bit someone after being physically restrained. She claimed me and now I have a cat xD

  9. Friederike Lehrbass says:

    strangly one of our female cats does not like my 14 yr old son, who has never been mean to her. Our other cat likes him and even lets him hold her when she is tired. Not sure why that is.

  10. Wilma says:

    You think my cat is jalous shave a 3rd cshe trow plants on the floor she is hiding what can i do. I pick her up and kiss her and say mommie loveyou at. I

  11. My mums cat is always acting skittish and she’s away from affection apart from with my mum who he lives with , so I was quiete shocked today when he leaped up onto the couch and put his head against me ,then started purring, maybe it was because prior to this moment I was taking a lot of interest in him an toak some photos of him posing in the garden and spoke to him lovingly, whats anyone’s take on this ?x

  12. Anonymous says:

    My sister rescued a cat in 2016. She brought this cat home and we both took care of him. But, because I was unemployed at the time, I was the one who spent the most time with him. I became so attached to this cat and this cat became so attached to me that we really bonded. It was hard for my sister because she really wanted the cat but after realizing that the cat had bonded with me the most, she took a step back and let me have the cat. So the cat and I spent 2 years together. Like mommy and son, I would feed him, play with him and we would snuggle every single night. I was also single at the time so all my time home was for my cat. At some point, I met somebody who didn’t live in the same country as me. After a while of dating, we decided I would move to his country and bring all my belongings with me, including my cat of course. The process was very difficult, I was moving in with him into his best friends house because at the time he didn’t had a house himself. So I had to move in with both of them and the best friend did not like cats at all. So I had to leave my cat in my boyfriend’s mom’s house for a little while until we could move out into our own place. It was supposed to be a temporary fix for about a month. Well, a month turned out to be 6 months. And it was the hardest thing to do for me because I had become so close to this cat for 2 years and having to leave him in another’s person house for so long really affected me. I was so worried he would stop loving me and feel abandoned. I would visit him often but he wasn’t really that into me anymore. He was getting used to his new house. Finally after those 6 months, we were able to find a new house to live in and I was so excited I could finally bring my cat home with me. But I won’t lie, I was very nervous as well thinking he might not be happy to go through yet another transition and taking him away from this house that he seemed to be enjoying. I did anyways, I took the cat with me to the new house and for the first weeks everything seemed back to when we used to live together. He would cuddle only with me, he would follow me everywhere, I would play and feed him and he would be so loving with me. It felt like those 6 months of being separated never happened! I was so relieved to have my cat back and so happy that our relationship didn’t seem to be affected in any way. My boyfriend also liked the cat a lot and they would get along just fine. He just preferred his momma… BUT something has happened since a couple of weeks ago. My cat no longer wants me as his first. He has chosen my boyfriend now. He is still friendly towards me but in no way like he used to be. He now chooses my boyfriend over me all the time. Especially at night time. He won’t curl next to me or enjoy me patting him, he only wants my boyfriend. When my boyfriend is not around; he will still be next to me but not in the loving way he used to be. His favorite and chosen person is clearly my husband. I’m just somebody he is just nice to. And let me tell you, it has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. I loved and love this kitty so much. I took to him like he was a child to me, I became his momma and his was my baby. I was so attached to him and now, I don’t have that anymore. I can even feel the rejection over my boyfriend and i feel very sad. I thought I had earned his love and I was going to be his favorite person in the world no matter what but, apparently that’s not how it works. Now I have to deal with the jealousy that comes seeing my boyfriend and him be together and enjoy their company while I’m left out. I feel cheated on even though it’s a cat. But I feel he has betrayed me. Now I have to deal with this like an adult and reasonable woman and not let it bother me that much i guess…. I just feel sad and mad and betrayed and all these feelings that I hope go away soon. I don’t want to lose my cat to somebody else but apparently that’s how cats do. They just move on to whoever they click with the best and it can all change at different stages in their life. I hope this heartbreak heals soon… I can be the adult here and just move on without resentment towards the cat or my boyfriend for feeding his love and behavior….

    1. Anna says:

      You should calm down. He felt that you were stressed and that you got all needy of his love. He picked up on your anxiety and came to alignment with much calmer energy. The animals pick up on that, especially cats. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats at home. I prefer dogs, but all the cats adore me the most. My room is their fav spot. I like them, I cuddle with them, I observe them and I communicate with them pretty well. But I don’t care if they like me or not. (That I care about my dogs, so I do understand you) I think that you should stop being worried and unhappy. Just chill, don’t be desperate, needy, etc. He didn’t betray you, he just decided that he didn’t want to deal with unstable energy of yours. He also got a bit confused after changing places so many times. I bet that he will start coming to you after you start being less emotional about all that. Greetings! A.

    2. stewie says:

      Now you know how your sister felt. Karma.

    3. Tara y Terminiello says:

      I understand how you feel, but remember, cats arent actually programmed to be as socially loyal as dogs. We may want them to be, but they pretty much arent, and in the wild a mom cat will “click off” her kittens after a few months and totally ignore them because its time to move on and make more kittens. Be glad the cat hasnt forgotten you altogether, and has clicked onto the person You love best. Sounds like you have a loving animal everyone can enjoy.

  13. Elaine says:

    I have two cats a brother and a sister, both very old. My friend female catch goes and curls up with my daughter every night and her brother comes and lays on the bottom of my bed every night. It’s almost as if they are protecting us.

  14. Respati says:

    We have 4 cats now (all female, the mom and her kittens), the 3 of them are my sister’s cats and 1 my mom’s, we feed them regularly everyday but 3 of them stuck at me everytime when we open their door cage (we build special room for them for some reasons), it’s like they know people that understand them the most at the household. they followed me everywhere i goin in the house, everytime and each of them walking around my legs, when i sit they intend to take a nap on my lap, around my arms, even sometimes go right to my mousepad and lay down there for entire time Im using it, everytime Im not close my bedroom’s door, other than my family members. one of them is a cat with shy+moody personality and not like to be pet like others, just comfort with/near my dad only. I guess cats known who is the best people for them, it’s like they can feel the “aura” from people that close/near them who’s suitable for them to follow/like/or love. And now we have a stray kitten like 1 month old at my coffee shop (for 3 days) just like a wind that comes out of nowhere, mostly we don’t want to pet the cats either, cause we’re not there everytime. but we feed the cat if we have food to spare with (note that not only me that feed the cat) and now he hang out with me almost everytime after he run over the place to another (if there is customer or someone), he lays down near my legs, and, maybe after I pet him the most, here(?)

  15. Sean says:

    I’ve always had dogs but after our Alfie passed away we needed to fill and alf shaped hole in our lives and we bought our little ginger George. I was worried he wouldn’t like me and I wouldn’t know how to look after a tiny kitten properly but we are now the best of friends, he always looks for me first and foremost and only behaves properly for me, which is a privilege but I wish he’d be so nice to my girlfriend! I am now a cat person through and through

  16. Tim McCarthy says:

    Almost every cat I ever had has loved me more than others in the household. The one we have now likes to lay on my belly at night but sticks his butt and tail in my face unlike his late brother “Meowington” who would put his face next to mine and sleep. I Love My Cats!

  17. Suzanne says:

    I moved to a new place, and soon after found two abandoned kittens that looked starving and dirty, the smallest with a crimped tail. I too have always been a devout “dog person” and never thought I could or would be a cat person. I treated the cats for the fleas they had, checked if they were chipped, got them spayed and neutered etc. It was a VERY small girl, and much larger boy kitten. Vet said they had to be 6 months, and looked as though they hadn’t eaten in a week.

    The night we found them I had a friend over who is HEAVILY a “cat person.” She left my place at midnight, and returned within seconds with the first kitten (little girl) in her arms. We spent the next two hours letting her get warm and comfortable, and getting her food and water. Two hours later my friend tried to leave again, and when she opened the door, the second kitten shyly strolled in as if we were expecting him. This cat… Chose me. I have no idea why. But he is obsessed with me. Every step I take. When I sleep he lays above my head. I get up to use the restroom, he is with me every step of the way. I never thought a cat could be so affectionate. I love him more than anything in the world.
    When others hold him, he reaches for me. He wiggles free and is magnetized to me. I just find it strange, and yet so oddly pleasing.

  18. Ester says:

    I’m very sad right now. I have a 3 month kitty. When I first got her 3 weeks ago it seemed she really bonded with me. Slept with me. I bought her, fed her, litter trained her, played with her. Bathed her (flea shampoo, she was ridden with fleas), also had to give her a worming tablet as she had blood in stool. Looked after her 100% and gave her treats. Once she recovered she had a lot more energy. Now she’s starting to choose my mum over me constantly. She is very affectionate and never ran away from affection. Now she sleeps with my mum amd keeps going to her for affection. Chooses to snuggle up to her instead of me. I’m heart broken. She went from choosing me as her favourite to now choosing my mum. I got the kitty to help cheer me up after a break up. At first it really worked but now that she’s choosing my mum I’m so sad and feel even worse. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m even trying to bribe her with kitty treats. My mum doesn’t even give her treats.

    1. Ester says:

      I had a different kitty but she suddently died when she was 4, 3 years ago. That cat loved me more than anyone, always slept with me, would spend hours on my lap. Cats usually love me, so I don’t understand what’s going on. Even when i moved out of thd house for years, when i moved back I went right bsck to being her favourite as if I never left

  19. Anikah says:

    My cat loves me and sometimes loves my family memebers, she is three, we also have a three year old little sister and she would scream at the cat and now my cat despises her.

  20. Ash says:

    The day I’d gone to get my first cat was the day I found out my neighbour’s cat had died…the cat I speak of had moved into my house of his own accord, followed me, bonded to me, came to cuddle. I was devastated when he went and had to fill the gap as the house felt empty.

    When I got to the rescue, I was asked what I was looking for (breed, sex, fur type, colour, etc), and when I said I was looking for a companion, not an accessory to match a bag, I was led to a vast collection of black cats in a room of several pens and was left to my own devices – I find one pen that looked empty so I go in and went to open the little door to the cat’s private sleeping and this big fat black cat jumped out and got all excited as if he’d been waiting for me, jumping at my hands for attention and circling round me like a shark. When the girl returned to see if I’d found what I wanted she said “that cat always hides, I’ve never seen him do this, he just runs from everyone”. When this particular cat wasn’t going to let me leave his pen it was pretty clear he was bullying me into making sure I took him. Since that day this cat has never really left my side, I get up, he gets up, I go to bed, he follows, I get up to go to the bathroom he follows, downstairs for a drink, he’ll shadow me. He gets in a mood if I stay up late because he wants me to come to bed so we can be together and he can sleep – and when he is sleeping, he’s next to me and will reach out and tap his paw on me or just downright grab hold of my arm and go back to sleep (like he’s making sure I don’t leave, lol). I named him Sabbath, and although he’s never been a lap cat or a snuggler, this cat is so deeply bonded that he gets separation anxiety the moment I leave the house. If I go on holiday he falls into a deep depression and only leaves my room to eat (when I return he ignores me and goes in a mood for a day). My family are certain Sabbath knew from the second I went into his pen that I was meant to be “the one”, he chose me, no explanation why he knew that I’d be the right person. My mum has never doubted this cat loves me fiercely, that I’m where his world begins and ends. I always wondered if maybe I was just meant to have him, and I can’t deny his presence eased the pain of the death of the neighbours cat so much. Him and the cat I got afterwards (my three legged tabby Felix, also a rescue) keep me laughing and smiling every day. Every now and then I do find myself wondering why he chose me, lol.

    1. Sarah says:

      our 2 cat’s never gift us with anything, but they do eat all the spiders that come into the house, so I’m not sure I would want them to! haha They love us fiercely though, just no gifting. 🙂

  21. Rudolph says:

    Lovely article. I am currently researching a lot about this topic because my wife is actually feeling a bit down because our male cat (Waffles) always, ALWAYS choses to lay next (or on) to me and never her. She actually searched so much about the topic “Does my cat love me” and she never really got satisfied with the results she got. Now one questions I would love to hear your opinion on though is what you think about the small giftings of cats that they sometimes do. You know I think my cat really likes me but I stumpled upon this blog post (https://thecasualcatblog.weebly.com/blog/5-signs-that-your-cat-loves-you) and they said that even house cats (Waffles never goes out) gift their owners gifts like plastic caps sometimes. Waffles never does that and now I am a bit hurt and unsure about his feelings toward me. What do you think about this, does your cat go up and gift you something small sometimes? Would love you to tell me no…that would probably make me feel better lol.

    Anyway thank you and best regards.

  22. Christine says:

    My cat lucky was rescued from an abandoned house. He lost a foot but was in great spirits. Now he is a happy playful little kitten and I’m his absolute favorite. I think he likes memost since I feed, water, bathe, and play with him everyday. I’ve had many cats throughout my life so far, I’m sixteen, and they all were attached to me. Maybe I’m only a likeable person to cats.

  23. Ingrid says:

    Max my 2 year old lost his mom very young and he relates to me as mom, I truly believe! He follows me like a dog and must touch me when napping.


  24. Meredith says:

    I found Max in a parking lot about a year and a half ago. I’m a college kid and I grew up with a lot of different animals, cats included. Being that I’m in college and my parents worried I wouldn’t have time to take care of an animal they strongly advised against me getting an animal even though I wanted a cat terribly. I told them that a cat would be an easy pet, and to be honest Max is super easy. When I found Max he was underneath a car hiding from some guys who were trying to pick on him, two female employees were standing guard of him while they were on break and asked if I liked cats. It was the perfect opportunity and I immediately decided I was taking him home. He was tiny and sweet and came to me as soon as I called him. I then walked around Walmart holding a kitten until I finished my grocery shopping. My best friend was with me and had been a vet tech in high school for 2 years at our local vets office and said she thought he was about three months old. Since, Max has grown into a large cat with a lot of sassy personality. He can hear me walk up the steps to our apartment and my roommate says she always knows it’s me because he bolts to the door. As soon as I walk in he chatters away, I really think he’s so vocal because I’ve always spoken to him a lot and it’s one of the ways I’m most affectionate with him. My father is much more reserved, his cats also adore him, however they are much less vocal. Max follows me around and cries outside my bedroom if I ever close the door without him inside. Max, much like me prefers selective affection and would prefer to sit near me rather than in my lap. He likes to be close enough for pets but far enough that he has his space. He only likes to cuddle laying in bed where he has room to stretch out. My best friend is also a cat person and between the two of us he immediately picked me to be his person (she stayed with us for 3 days after we found him). Any time he’s had to stay with my parents while I was out of town he would go in my room and sleep on my pillow even though he mostly sleeps separately from me at home. He likes to be held like a baby, but only for short periods of time and will cry at my feet until I acknowledge that he’s asking to be held and put back down after a few pets. My family, friends and boyfriend all comment frequently on how Max and I display very similar personal behaviors. My father and his cats also have similar personalities, I think that cats (just like humans) tend to gravitate towards people with similar personalities. It makes it easier for them to bond because they just kinda get each other. A lot of people think it’s strange that I can watch my cat interact with them and tell them exactly how he’s feeling, I think it comes from just knowing him and paying attention to what makes him comfortable.

  25. Laura says:

    We got our daughter a kitten for her 6th birthday. She’s wanted a cat for as long as we can remember. She feeds him every day, lavished him with attention, caters to his every whim and stuffs him with treats. With all that, he very obviously favors me. He has very specific relationships with each of us. He plays and romps with my 2yr old tornado toddler, cuddles my daughter, sits quietly next to my husband while he works….But if I get up, he gets up. If I shower, he screams at the door until I let him in and he must sit on the edge of the tub and keep watch. If I’m sitting, he’s in my lap. I love the cat very much and feel flattered that he favors me, but i do wish my daughter was his fave, and he is “her” cat. Its just interesting because i don’t feel I’ve done anything to deserve this adoration. Cats are so fascinating.

  26. N.Shiba says:

    My husband and I rescued a kitten from we found on the street. For a while we had been feeding her and her siblings until they were big enough and their mother stopped caring for them. I felt such a strong connection with her despite always thinking myself a “dog person.” We had her for a couple
    months before I started my new job so I got to spend a significant amount of time with her while she was still quite young. Training her had its ups and downs and I could have sworn she was going to love my husband more because of how tough I was on her in the beginning, but now, she clings to me, doesn’t jump on the counter or tables tops and has let go of almost all her bad behaviors. My tough love seemed to work!

  27. James Feniello jr says:

    Yep me, I always had a cat my dad’s cat always was by my side. At first when I got married we had no pets. Then my son was going into the first grade. I ask him what would you like as as a present? He said a kitty. we adopted a 1 and a half year male cat. The first night after hiding he came out from under the bed and played with my son but hidfrom me and my wife. Then after a couple of days I had a day off. I decided to lay down a couple of hours. I heard a low meow it was my son’s cat at first he jumped up on the bed and just sat there looking at me. I looked him and blinked my eyes to say love you. I reached out to pet him and he ran off. I woke up later to find him asleep with his head on my pillow. The rest is history as they say. I am the only one who he allows to rub his tummy. He is my shadow follows me everywhere in the house
    Wants to eat or drink what I have. Now he does allow my wife or son to play and pet him. However he lets them know where his boundaries are. if you take my blanket or pillow he lets you know he isn’t happy.and God forbid you sit in my recliner. He acts as if it is his and mine special place.

  28. Vera says:

    From my long experience with cats I believe that just as there are human-human compatibilities and incompatibilities there are also cat-human compatibilities and incompatibilities. Just as there are also easy-going humans who get along easily with a wide range of people so too there are easy-going cats that are quite social with a wide range of humans. I have one cat like this who goes to anyone and everyone. Then there is my daughter’s kitten which already exhibits a very definite will of its own and is fiercely independent who after only two days from arrival chose as her mistress my daughter who has a very tolerant and accommodating personality and does not impose herself or her will on people. But this little kitty has not warned to me at all in the same way, rather avoiding me and I am aware that I have a somewhat forceful personality. I get on best with my easygoing cat who goes to anyone and who can tolerate anything also from me.

  29. Vera Green-Bargiacchi says:

    From my long experience with cats I believe that just as there are human-human compatibilities and incompatibilities there are also cat-human compatibilities and incompatibilities. Just as there are also easy-going humans who get along easily with a wide range of people so too there are easy-going cats that are quite social with a wide range of humans. I have one cat like this who goes to anyone and everyone. Then there is my daughter’s kitten which already exhibits a very definite will of its own and is fiercely independent who after only two days from arrival chose as her mistress my daughter who has a very tolerant and accommodating personality and does not impose herself or her will on people. But this little kitty has not warned to me at all in the same way, rather avoiding me and I am aware that I have a somewhat forceful personality. I get on best with my easygoing cat who goes to anyone and who can tolerate anything also from me.

  30. Tina Mari says:

    Apparently you shouldn’t let cats sleep on your chest because they breath in your carbon dioxide and it can suffocate you lol

  31. Holly says:

    One day when we were twelve, my twin sister called my parents from her friends house begging them to let us keep two kittens. Her friends dad found them locked in a shed when they were two weeks old dehydrated, covered in their own poop and ants. We assume the mom just wasn’t able to get back and care for them. Her friends family was already fostering kittens so they were unable to care for them. Somehow, she talked my dad into it (he answered the phone. My mom wasn’t too happy about it because she had just started a college class. In fact, she said we were not going to keep them when they were older). We had to bottle feed these two little kittens, keep them warm, bathe them CONSTANTLY because they kept pooping on each other, teach them to use the litter box and most of all, give them lots of love and keep them safe. As you can probably guess, we still have our two boys ten years later. Sugar (white) and Spice (brown). Spice adopted me as his person while Sugar favors my mom. He had this weird habit of sucking on my finger when he was younger and he still does it occasionally. Now my big boy (literally, we are seriously working on getting him to lose weight. Having a VERY hard time though. He’s already on a diet too) cuddles with me EVERY night and only comes to me for attention. In fact, he’s laying on top of me right now. Our cat that we got when we were four died last year at eighteen years old. It was so hard, she favored my sister (even went with her when she moved out). I have a hard time with Spice being overweight because I don’t want him to die early. I would love for him to live as long as Pounce did but realistically, he won’t with his current weight (he’s actually healthy otherwise). I love him so much and it’s impossible to imagine my life without him. I wish time would stop. Pets have a way of cheering you up when you are down and making a bad day better. When one dies it’s so hard to cope. I included a few links of pictures of them. Hopefully they work.


    1. Ann says:

      Just FYI, I had an obese kitty live to 20 and my parents have one that is 15 and still in good health. The vet told them obesity isn’t the same for cats as it is humans. I wouldn’t worry about your kitty’s weight much. Just love him

  32. Emmanuel says:

    Yeah I have two adopted cats, both sisters. At my apartment they were shy at first, but soon became the queens. Except they would want to cuddle all the time and watching them play together is pretty awesome and adorable. They are both different and treat me differently but both show a lot of affection. Feelings are mutual, and for some reason I feel I should mention I am a guy :X

  33. Lis says:

    Loved the article and the comments. I am the chosen person in the household and I often wondered why. This makes perfect sense, when the cat feels he can communicate his needs(communication_connection), he feels more connected. Not that different than human, when I think about it. Love my cat, and I miss him dreadfully when I am away from home. He scolds me when I get back, is it weird that I can tell his intent from the ‘meow’ tones? I feel like I just know:)

  34. Raven says:

    Makes sense! I got my little girl when I was 11, and she was terribly skittish and shy. Still is to some extent, but pushing on 18 years now she’s learned to take things in stride a bit better. Almost twelve years now since adopting her, I’ve never had more loyal a friend and companion. Once when I had intensive training for three months that made me only capable of being able to sleep and shower at home (not even eat) she began to wither away and seemed suddenly incompetent. I sullenly thought, “Well, she is old. Poor girls just getting on in years, huh?” Since I had returned to my usual schedule, she was just as borderline obsessive as she usually is – always in the same room as me, meowing for me to get something, bringing me her toys, always tuned in to what I was doing. The best part? She gained enough of her weight back to a perfectly healthy level in a matter of weeks. Half a year later she’s as healthy as can be, her vet is baffled! I love this cat, and I wouldn’t go any where in life without her.