7 Things People Do That Cats Can’t Stand

September 25, 2017

JuJu is one of the cuddliest cats you’ll ever know. This ebony-silk feline family member will curl up on anyone’s lap, including adults trying to work at the computer, teenagers focused on homework assignments, or anyone holding food or a newspaper. This little lovebug can, however, turn pouty and aloof at the drop of a hat. JuJu is the epitome of finicky. But what makes him so moody?

Cats know that they run the world, and they expect their “subjects” to follow their rules. JuJu has no doubt of his superiority, and he expects our family to live up to his expectations. We know that JuJu loves his CANIDAE® cat food, and he likes getting massaging pets. He likes to be brushed, but don’t even think about bath time! JuJu can change from angel to not in a matter of seconds when he is displeased, and not surprisingly, most cats agree with the things that displease JuJu. What are these common annoyances that people “do” to cats?

1. Make loud noises. The number one most annoying thing a person can do to a cat is make a loud noise. Drop a pan, ring a bell, play a horn, shout or yell—and all cats will head for the hills! Loud noises startle cats (and people), and fear of loud noise is a natural trigger to the flight response.

2. Offer unpleasant foods. Cats use their noses to evaluate food. Before they take a nibble, they evaluate their potential dinners. Cats hate when their owners offer stale, old, dried up table scraps, and rightly so. Spoiled food can make cats sick.

3. Fail to manage the litter box. Cat boxes are not all the same. Some cats have preferences on cat boxes, litter materials, or even litter scents. Don’t go for the bargain of the day if you know your cat won’t use it. Multi-cat households may need to provide individual boxes for each cat, and by all means keep up with the box cleaning duties!

4. Try to give them medicine. Fluffy may not understand that your torture is in her best interest. When given orally or injected, cats find it hard to forgive you for delivering that life-saving concoction. Don’t feel guilty – she needs whatever the doctor prescribes, and she’ll forgive you when she’s feeling better.

5. Go for car rides. Some cats tolerate car rides, but most protest. Some experience motion sickness, and others associate rides with unpleasant trips to the veterinarian. Car rides are a source of suspicion and anxiety for most cats. You can make the trip more pleasant for you cat by offering an anti-stress remedy a few hours before your trip.

6. Pet them roughly. Cats are not like dogs; they don’t like to be pet aggressively, so keep your strokes smooth and soothing. They are very sensitive to tactile stimulation, but some enjoy a gentle belly rub. Beware if your cat growls or throw his ears back, he may be ready to bite or run.

7. Bring another cat into the home. Without a doubt our cat, Percy, loves playing with our cats Diana and Sam. However, this wasn’t always the case. Percy, a once only-cat, resisted the others at first. He hissed at them and hid from them for several days when they first arrived. Now they pay together, sleep together, and even share a litter box.

While cats may be particular, there are plenty of things they do enjoy. Cats love sitting on laps, lying in the sun, playing fun games, and seeing their humans walk in the door at the end of a long day. Their enthusiastic purrs are our rewards! In addition to the things humans do that cats don’t like, there are even more things they just can’t comprehend. For example, cutting our claws and (gasp!) getting wet on purpose. Check out the rest in our blog post, “13 Things Humans Do That Cats Don’t Understand.”

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