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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Cats!

I am so happy with this cat food

2-catsI am so happy with this cat food…the difference in the coats alone on my cats is quite noticeable. And so much less scratching from a chicken allergy (like I said, for some unknown reason nearly every cat food I see, including those that state they are fish, have chicken in them! Do we have so many chickens in this country we gotta put them in everything? hahahaa! Seriously!)….

Shadow is the black and white one, Calvin is the grey. 14 years old this year and full of energy and love.

I am using the Salmon dry food and also sometimes get the canned Salmon and Mackerel….which they go nuts for! I have also noted that Calvin is no longer begging for food quite as often as he did. I go out of my way to get this food and will continue them on it….it’s the best I have found and I have tried many brands.

– Wendy

They no longer puke every day.


I’ve complained for years that I have the three “pukiest” cats in the world, especially my 18-yea-old cat named Rudy. Rudy has always had such a sensitive stomach. Rudy would puke every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I recently switched the cats to the Pure line, trout diet. There was an immediate change in all my cats. They no longer puke every day. Now, one of them might vomit once a week, at most. The transformation has been simply amazing. I am so happy for my cats. I am also so happy for myself, now that I don’t have to clean up cat vomit daily. I cannot recommend the Pure line enough. I’ve tried so many quality cat food over the years and this is the first one that truly made a difference for my sensitive-stomached cat. Thank-you, for making such a quality food.

I am thankful to have tried Canidae

Dec 9, 2014

I had been searching for months for a food that my cats would actually like. When a coworker suggested Canidae I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. My 2 cats have done extremely well on your food (soft & shiny coats, less fecal odor) and I am thankful to have tried it.

-Brittan C.

Thank you for your awesome product!



July 15, 2014 Ever since putting our cats on the CANIDAE diet, combined with high quality wet food (usually CANIDAE when we can find it) our cats have never been healthier. The fluffy black male in the pictures went from lethargic and pulling out his own fur to happy and playful. He has been gaining weight again and is far healthier than he was even in the last month. Him and one of our kittens (the gray faced ragdoll) both have severe food allergies and  CANIDAE cat food is the best cat food we have found that they don’t react to, while supplying them with proper nutrition.
Thank you for your awesome product!!!

Kirstin B.


Thanks for a great pet food!

June 2, 2014 

I just want to say thanks for a great pet food. My 10 year old tabby has always had grain allergies and had soft unformed stool. I have tried about every grain free food there was. I found out about CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea dry cat food and decided to try it last month. Besides the fact that my cats love it, my tabby now has formed stool and no gassy tummy episodes. People can benefit from probiotic and it makes sense that cats can too. Thanks for a great pet food.


Ray W.

North Las Vegas, NVRosie2

My boys love their Canidae Pure

kittens erinMay 15, 2014  

My boys love their CANIDAE PURE! No special story, I just did a lot of research before I chose their adult food. I was looking for something that had their best interests at heart, and I found that CANIDAE PURE would not break my budget. And now Hunter, Trooper, and Captain have grown into big, strong, handsome devils with the help of CANIDAE PURE Elements and CANIDAE PURE Sea, both dry and canned food.

Erin F.aduls erin

8lb bag of Canidae lasts 6 weeks for 3 cats!

kittens2014April 14, 2014 

I have 3 precious feline babies, 2 adopted from shelters and the other a rescue from a cold, harsh winter. I have had my adopted babies on CANIDAE PURE Sea since last summer and I am impressed with the results ; shiny coats, satisfied appetites, and less waste. When I brought my rescue  JC, a little gray poly-dactyl, into the mix, she was suffering from starvation, hook and round worms, ear mites and respiratory issues due to the cold. She struggled with loose stool and vomiting for about 3 weeks while we worked on her treatments. The consistent diet of CANIDAE PURE Sea , with her meds, has worked to improve her condition by leaps and bounds! Her irritable bowel is gone, vomiting has stopped, she is eating less and is on par with her expected weight gain, and her coat is gleaming! She’s a lucky kitty! I’m happy with the fact that one 8-lb bag of Canidae will last me 6 weeks for the 3 cats–which tells me that their appetites are satisfied and that they are self-regulating  their feedings (I use a self-feeder and leave it available at all times). I have to say that the other perk of CANIDAE is that the shedding is minimal–which is good for me and my furniture.

Wendi B.

She looks very healthy!


March 31, 2014

I bought a bag of CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Fresh Salmon for my cat, she loves it!! Plus she has lost some fat weight and she acts differently–she acts HEALTHY!! She also looks very healthy!! I was feeding her a different food, but she got fat and wasn’t very healthy, now she is beautiful. Thank you and my cat thanks you.

Walter K.

Fond Du Lac, WI

She loves Canidae & has not had any allergic reactions!

 0chloe2aMarch 27, 2014

CANIDAE is one fantastic brand. My 3 year young dog has food allergies. We tried numerous foods ( including prescription dog food) & after a few months they seemed to upset her system.
We switched to CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Land last year on recommendation of my Veterinarian and have been so pleased with the results. She loves CANIDAE and has not had any allergic reactions what so ever. One very happy dog guardian here!


William G.

Durham, NC

Including a picture of my cat Wally who eats CANIDAE Cat food!0chloe2

With the use of Canidae, peoples allergic reaction is almost relieved

Jan 17, 2014

Hi Canidae,
For about ten years now, I realized that your cat food product has helped people who are allergic to cats. My X girlfriend had survived three cats under one roof because of Canidae. The moment we feed our cats any other food variety to the cats, my X girlfriend would start sneezing.
Friends who were deathly allergic were able to be in our house for longer periods of time before their allergies kicked in. With the use of Canidae, peoples allergic reaction is almost relieved and or tolerable from my observation over the years.
Thanks for a truly great product.
-Roger L.

Stray cat is looking good!

nosey-before-after9/25/2013 – 
Here are the before and after pictures of the stray cat we took in.  We have had him for about a month and he is being fed CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea cat food and is looking great!  He is an outside cat, so probably would look even better if kept in the house.

Yvette T.
Amery, WI

They don’t have “doggie odor” anymore

Tiffany-H3/29/12 – I just read an article on the harmful effects of soy in animal feed. It never even crossed my mind before. I was very glad to see that you don’t use it in your products! I feed my French Bulldogs CANIDAE pureSky and my Devon Rex cat CANIDAE pureElements. I switched about two months ago from [another brand]. I used to be happy with their food, but it seems like they may have changed something in it and it no longer agreed with my Frenchie’s sensitive stomachs. Since feeding them CANIDAE, their gas has been drastically reduced, their fur even shinier, and they don’t have “doggie odor” anymore even without a bath!!! Thank you so much for the excellent food and also the coupons 🙂 .

Tiffany H.
Chesapeake, VA

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