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I am so grateful to Canidae for providing this high quality non poultry-based food.

Sept 2, 2016

carolynMy cat was having frequent bouts of vomiting, and food sensitivities proved to be the culprit. Teddy was reacting primarily to chicken and turkey, which is the predominant protein source in most cat foods. The vet gave me a list of recommended high quality cat foods to try, but Teddy didn’t like any of them. We finally tried Canidae’s Grain Free PURE Stream (Trout) dried food, and he loved it!  The vomiting issue has been dramatically reduced, Teddy’s nose doesn’t run anymore and his coat looks fantastic. I am so grateful to Canidae for providing this high quality non poultry-based food.  Thank you!

-Carolyn F.

Our dog and cat both love Canidae Pure Lamb food

June 7, 2016

russCandida’s Pure series of dog foods is a great dog food, Cooper, my 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog shelter rescue absolutely adores it, current favorites are the lamb and the salmon formulas.

He’s not the only one though, our domestic shorthair cat, Blue also loves the lamb dog food he actually prefers it to his cat food which unfortunately is not Canidae, he’s tried it, and prefers going back to the corn based junk food “meow” brand, however, lately, given a choice between Meow and Canidae Pure Lamb, he goes to the Canidae, perhaps it’s time to try the Pure for cats again….

The biggest problem with feeding Blue outside (he’s an indoor/outdoor cat, a barn and house cat) is  that he is not the only animal that loves the lamb dog food, blue has to compete against my small flock of backyard free range chickens, the instant the chickens here the Canidae food hit the bowl they race over from the barn, and immediately crowd Blue out, Yes you read that right, Blue actually gets run off his food by a flock of chickens, He’s not the bravest cat but he still very affectionate cat, he actually acts more like a dog but a cat, and no that’s not after I fed him the dog food he’s always been that way.

So in addition to dogs, Canidae dog food is also loved by our house cat and a flock of free range chickens , Perhaps you should consider making poultry feed with the same high standards that you make for your dog and cat food I know my chickens would absolutely love it.

-Russ W.

I have noticed an extreme improvement in my animals.

May 4, 2016

amanda1I just want to say that I LOVE Canidae! I am an employee at Petco and I decided to try the food because I get a decent discount, I went from Pedigree and Purina, 2 cats and 1 dog, to Canidae grain free, and I have noticed an extreme improvement in my animals. Their coats are so soft and shiny, they have energy and they are so healthy, even my vet was impressed with their health!

amanda2I will continue to buy the food no matter what, the price is great the product is awesome! I have been and will continue to recommend all customers at Petco to the Canidae food brands! So thanks to you my babies are healthy and happy!

-Amanda P.

Needless to say, he LOVED it!!!

April 21, 2016

MalgosiaI have heard of your brand for a while now but I have a very picky senior kitty and every time I buy new things he usually doesn’t approve. Recently I was in Petco and your canned food caught my eye, the chicken turkey lamb in broth formula. My senior kitty has several health problems and even though he’s picky I try to find quality food that will be good for him (he gets a tube feeding twice a day so I want to supplement with nutritious wet food because he is on the skinny side), I went ahead and got a can to try, I figured if he doesn’t like it one of the other cats will eat it. Needless to say, he LOVED it!!!

I was so happy because he very rarely gets excited about food this way so it made me so happy to see him eating something with such appetite, especially with the quality ingredients in it and no grains. I will be stocking up on this food now and will try some other flavors as well and perhaps test out the dry food as well because he munches on that throughout the day too. Thank you so much for providing such great pet food!

Thanks agian.
Malgosia O. & Senor Kicius

Buttons, aka Miss Finicky, loves Under The Sun wet food.

April 13, 2016

bobI have a 14 yr old cat. Rather picky eater when it comes to wet food. Feeding her was like playing Russian Roulette, would she eat it, would she walk away?! Buttons, aka Miss Finicky, loves Under The Sun wet food especially the duck. She’s liking the chicken and turkey too! So glad that I bought your products it has ended the on going struggle to find wet food she will eat. Our life is so much better Under The Sun.
-Bob R.

Thank you so much for producing the great line of foods you do!!!

March 31, 2016

Emma-&-PhoebeI have 2 rescue cats. One of them is a Siamese/mix who has a very sensitive stomach. I have tried numerous brands of food hoping something would agree with her. I totally love the Grain Free Pure Ocean w/fresh tuna!! Since my cats have been on this brand (approx. 6 months) my Siamese has been doing so much better and rarely throws up anymore….it used to be several times a week. It is one of the few foods she can tolerant, besides being a great quality food. Thank you so much for producing the great line of foods you do!!!

– Rita A.

Our cats and dog love your food

March 19, 2016

Our cats and dog love your food and we feel safe and comfortable buying it for them. After trying multiple different brands that either caused problems after some time or went bad, we finally found a trustworthy, minimal ingredient food for our pets.


I appreciate the care and quality that you put into your cat food.

Dec 3, 2015

I started using your Pure Elements canned cat food after 2 of my cats developed severe food allergies. Since using Pure Elements, the allergies have resolved and all 3 of our cats have thicker, healthier coats, better breath, and no more vomiting. I appreciate the care and quality that you put into your cat food. As a pet owner that considers her cats like family, its nice to know that you consider them like family too. I wish IMG_1404your company great success!!



Thank you!
Allison S.
Dunstable, MA

I am making great pet parent choices!

Oct. 28, 2015

MarissaI have babies that have very specialized nutritional needs. That’s why I choose Canidae. The products make me feel like I am making great pet parent choices!!!

-Malisa V.

We are hooked for life!

Oct. 23, 2015

RobinGI’m so thrilled I found Canidae! We are hooked for life! For six months of constant digestive issues for our two kitties I was about to give up and just deal with the fact that was going to be the way it was. One day I discovered Canidae and our lives changed!!! No more issues! I am so thankful I found you! My kitties thank you too!

-Robin G.

No vomiting issues with CANIDAE PURE

June 19, 2015

We have two cats that are both around 5 years old.  One started to have a more frequent issue with vomiting.  After a trip to the vet, he recommended we look at other food options due to a possible sensitivity.  We were already using a “higher” quality brand due to an allergy with the other cat.  The store recommended Canidae Pure Stream.  The cats accepted the new food reasonably quick and we haven’t had one issue of vomiting since.

– Craig A.


Within a week she started to grow her hair back quickly!

June 19, 2015

I had a cat she was losing so much hair from scratching and over grooming I thought she had a skin condition. Took her to the vet she had a skin scrap came out nothing. So I tried changing her food with the Canidae pure chicken. Her hair started to come back but not that much. But then I tried the pure salmon she plus my other 3 cats loved it! And within a week she started to grow her hair back quick! She was severe chicken allergy! If it wasn’t for Canidae I would have never found that out because there aren’t that many foods out there with pure ingredients and food with absolutely no chicken out there for cats. Now my kitty is back to being a really fluffy kitty again it’s a huge improvement from peach fuzz hair to fluffy.


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