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She loves Canidae & has not had any allergic reactions!

 0chloe2aMarch 27, 2014

CANIDAE is one fantastic brand. My 3 year young dog has food allergies. We tried numerous foods ( including prescription dog food) & after a few months they seemed to upset her system.
We switched to CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Land last year on recommendation of my Veterinarian and have been so pleased with the results. She loves CANIDAE and has not had any allergic reactions what so ever. One very happy dog guardian here!


William G.

Durham, NC

Including a picture of my cat Wally who eats CANIDAE Cat food!0chloe2

With the use of Canidae, peoples allergic reaction is almost relieved

Jan 17, 2014

Hi Canidae,
For about ten years now, I realized that your cat food product has helped people who are allergic to cats. My X girlfriend had survived three cats under one roof because of Canidae. The moment we feed our cats any other food variety to the cats, my X girlfriend would start sneezing.
Friends who were deathly allergic were able to be in our house for longer periods of time before their allergies kicked in. With the use of Canidae, peoples allergic reaction is almost relieved and or tolerable from my observation over the years.
Thanks for a truly great product.
-Roger L.

Stray cat is looking good!

nosey-before-after9/25/2013 – 
Here are the before and after pictures of the stray cat we took in.  We have had him for about a month and he is being fed CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea cat food and is looking great!  He is an outside cat, so probably would look even better if kept in the house.

Yvette T.
Amery, WI

They don’t have “doggie odor” anymore

Tiffany-H3/29/12 – I just read an article on the harmful effects of soy in animal feed. It never even crossed my mind before. I was very glad to see that you don’t use it in your products! I feed my French Bulldogs CANIDAE pureSky and my Devon Rex cat CANIDAE pureElements. I switched about two months ago from [another brand]. I used to be happy with their food, but it seems like they may have changed something in it and it no longer agreed with my Frenchie’s sensitive stomachs. Since feeding them CANIDAE, their gas has been drastically reduced, their fur even shinier, and they don’t have “doggie odor” anymore even without a bath!!! Thank you so much for the excellent food and also the coupons 🙂 .

Tiffany H.
Chesapeake, VA

They like it. A lot.

I recently purchased a 4lb. bag of FELIDAE Platinum dry food for my cats. Yesterday I began gradually introducing it into their diet by mixing it with their regular food. They like it. A lot. I had your food stored in a large Tupperware canister, one which I am having a hard time imaging my cats being able to get into without having opposable thumbs. Regardless of my lack of imagination in this matter, my boyfriend came home from work earlier this evening to discover the lid of the canister on the floor, and evidence that the cats had eaten a quantity of food. I am greatly, and it scarcely needs to be said, favorably impressed with how much my cats are enjoying it. Tupperware may be getting a somewhat less enthusiastic letter from me soon.

Faribault, MN

The shine of their coats and fur is just astonishingly different

2012-09-19b2012-09-19a9/19/2012 – I just wanted to say how much I love your FELIDAE soft and hard kitten/cat food. I can tell my cats/kittens are absorbing every nutrient in your food, just by the difference in the kitty litter. What goes in must come out. The shine of their coats and fur is just astonishingly different than with their other foods I have tried, even more expensive ones. They also shed far less; for a breed that’s not supposed to shed very much they used to shed quite a bit. I knew I should try different foods for them in case it was an allergy even to no avail. You make a quality product made at an even better price. Yours Truly a Forever Customer.

Sheila B.
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I am very impressed with the food!

2012-06-226/22/2012 – I would like to let you know how much our Maine Coon cat loves your senior/overweight food, both dry and wet. When we first adopted him from the shelter he was a little overweight and he has adjusted quite well, after getting him off the first food he was on. I am very impressed with the food! Please continue to produce healthy and safe food.

Marjorie S.
Jackson, CA

His skin irritations have subsided and he just seems much happier and healthier

John_F4/2/2012 – Scooter is our 8 year old Ragdoll cat and he totally rules the house. He is the best big furball in the world. Anyway, for all his life he has been plagued by itchy belly and paw sores, sensitive skin, gum soreness, breath problems, and he gets very severe chin blackheads. We have tried a lot of things for him including regular cortisone shots. Last August I decided to try different brands of food that I researched and bought from three different companies. Anyway, in December we got to the big bag of FELIDAE Chicken & Rice. Towards the end of January we noticed that his skin was clearing, and most of all I started to see a huge reduction in the chin blackheads. I routinely groom him and clean his chin. I started to notice they were nearly entirely cleared up and it has stayed that way. He is much less restless as his skin irritations have subsided and he just seems much happier and healthier. My wife and I are convinced it is the food as it is the only variable. We just ordered two big bags and also some of the canned so he can get a wet treat. Thank you FELIDAE!

John F.

I will not feed my cat anything else – ever again!

Michelle-Russo12/22/2011 – I never write reviews, but I have to tell you how much I and my cat are loving your cat food. My cat had been throwing up nearly every time he ate and the vet could not tell me why. He was losing weight and not looking very good. I always fed him the grocery store cat food. We really thought that our 3 yr old cat was going to die soon. Then I happened upon your food. I started by feeding him the canned food and once I knew he liked it we tried the dry. It’s been 2 weeks, no throwing up (not once!!) and he is putting on weight. His fur looks shiny again and he is happy. I will not feed my cat anything else-ever again! Thank you, Thank YOU!!!

Michelle R.

I am so pleased with FELIDAE Cat & Kitten formula

Joyce_L12/17/2011 – I recently adopted an 11 week old male tuxedo kitten named Oscar, so that my 1 year old male cat Hendricks would have a brother. Prior I’ve been feeding him another brand but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my budget. I did some research and I am so pleased with FELIDAE Cat & Kitten formula. It’s affordable, delicious for cats and the smartest part is it’s conveniently formulated for both, which is great, because I don’t have to buy another type!!

Thank you and I hope other cats will discover it because it’s worth it!

Joyce L.

My cats are happy, healthy and playful

2011-09-169/15/2011 – Our cat Winston is 6 years old and Leo is 5. Both cats were adopted as kittens from the Cat People (a cat rescue organization) in Bakersfield, California. Three years ago, we received a coupon for a free 5 lb. bag of FELIDAE cat food with a pet tag which we had ordered via an internet website. I found the only FELIDAE dealer in Bakersfield. It was a long drive, but found that it was well worth it. Both cats came running as soon as they smelled their new cat food.  They simply devoured it. I’ve been feeding them FELIDAE exclusively ever since. Both cats are happy, healthy and playful. We’re all grateful for that one coupon that got us started.

Heidi A

Thanks for making such a great product

2010-11-09felidae11/9/2010 – I just wanted to let you guys know that I recently switched my four cats to your grain free canned diet. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it.

It makes for a good, healthy diet that is high in both moisture and meat content. That is pretty important, since one of my guys is prone to struvite, and if he does not have a healthy grain free diet, he can have a relapse.

Thanks for making such a great product, and please consider expanding the grain free FELIDAE line to include a beef variant.

Thanks again for your time.

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