Testimonials From Your Cats!

It was a miracle

3/4/2008 – My cat, Cricket, developed ‘fatty liver’ disease this past summer and she had to get a temporary feeding tube to reverse the disease. She had developed anorexia and would not eat on her own. We had to feed her for 2 months with the feeding tube until she would eat on her own. Getting her to eat on her own was nothing but a challenge, not only because she has always been a picky eater, but also because this disease made her feel so bad. She wanted nothing to do with the food she was eating before she got sick, so I got her a lot of samples to try. She was NOT interested in dry food and would only eat baby food for weeks. Finally I found a sample of FELIDAE and it was a miracle. Cricket started eating it on her own. She loved it! She is healthy again and I think her coat looks better than it ever has in 9 years… Thank you FELIDAE for helping my Cricket survive FL disease.

You guys Rock!

11/13/2007 – Hello, I’m writing to you about my boyfriends two cats. Now, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill testimonial about skin allergies or sensitive stomach, this is the gross stuff that nobody talks about and everyone has probably dealt with before. Now, I’m NOT a cat person, and when the cats are constantly bringing up the catch of the day from the fields (in some sort of critter form) sans a head or internal organs, it gets pretty disgusting. AND, they would lose their bowels on the floor even though their boxes were sparkling clean. In comes FELIDAE. I feed my dog CANIDAE, so I picked up a bag of the cat stuff. I find this totally unbelievable, but the cats have stopped hunting ever since they have been eating FELIDAE! No more “pieces parts” everywhere! No more loose bowel movements on the floor! AND…their is no odor from the cat boxes. When I mentioned this to the normally Doubting Thomas (the cat owner, his real name is Paul) He actually stepped out of his man mode and fessed up that he thinks that the FELIDAE made the drastic difference. WOW. Anyway, I know this testimonial seems a bit dramatic, but it is absolutely true. No more hunting in the fields and the cat box smells lovely. I feel that this is due to the cats finally getting what they need nutritionally, and we all know that balanced nutrition for animals is not necessarily available at a supermarket near you! Thanks and Bless you for all of your work to make a better product for man’s best friends!

They sure do love FELIDAE

felidae.serwatks7/1/2007 – A special thank you for the winning coupon for a FREE 5 lb. bag of FELIDAE found in the last bag I bought. We now have ten cats that we have rescued and now share our life with their life. As the enclosed picture shows, they sure do love FELIDAE and I thank you for making such a great product and the free bag.

With Much Gratitude,
Kathleen S

Your cat food has saved my cats life

6/18/2007 – I’ve never written to a food company before, or anyone else, but your cat food has saved my cats life, and also made my life so much easier.

My 9 years old cat Tuzi, has had IBS, for 2 years. I won’t go into detail on the mess I’ve been cleaning up after her all these years. We have tried every different food, medication, etc, etc. At $5,000 later with vet bills, I started thinking I need to do something drastic…

A friend of mine told me about your food, for my other kitties. I started feeding it then, and Tuzi started sneaking up stairs for the FELIDAE food (she was eating ZD and ID, which was very costly). I noticed her stools were firmer more and more every day. She is now on FELIDAE, her coat is shiny; she is happy, and healthy.

I’m just writing to THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we may be making a switch

11/17/2006 – I just wanted to compliment you on the FELIDAE dry food. When we moved to Fort Wayne in 2000 we had 2 cats. Of course we moved to an area that was full of stray, dumped kitties. So I have taken in 6 more and I have found homes for many kittens and some of the mama cats too. I have this one old male…named him Groucho, and the name fits. He was eating off my porch (I put food out for the shy ones) and one day he decided to stroll into the house, and he decided to stay! We had him neutered and he gained weight, he is a lovely but grouchy fellow. Recently, he has begun turning his nose up at dry cat food. So I saw the FELIDAE in the pet store and bought it. Gave him a bowl and he went to town! Thank you…
I was concerned that he was getting sick and now I am not. He loves this food and so many of the others. I have 2 males with sensitive stomachs and they are on Science Diet but Elvis was eating the FELIDAE and he hasn’t thrown it up yet! Looks like we may be making a switch.

So Thanks again…
You have a new customer!

She loves it….

2006 – One of my cats is a ‘rescue’, and she lived across the street from me but was almost feral. She wouldn’t let anyone near her… the story was that she had been left behind when the people living at the house she stayed near, moved, and she just stayed at that house, but wouldn’t let anyone help her. She had lost half of her body fur and was suffering terribly with itching. I spent 6 months taking food to the area she was in and sat patiently waiting for her to show up each evening to eat. She wouldn’t let me near, and everyone who saw her thought she was dying and very old. I ‘caught’ her one night and took her to the best vet in the world, Dr. Tony Rogstad, or “Dr. Tony” as he is known to his hundreds of faithful followers. He took care of her for no money… kept her for three days looking into her eyes, giving her loving baths and diagnosing an allergic skin allergy. He thought she had great potential as a pet, and would be a very appreciative pet. I took her home and started her on the FELIDAE. She has gotten and continues to get special injections for her allergy, but she eats nothing but FELIDAE, dry and wet. She loves it….. Tony can’t believe her coat…. and even my neurotic bulimic Siamese can eat it and not ‘urp’ it up every other day….. thank you for this wonderful product!!!

Tish D

I Have Been Amazed By It…

2006 – I work with a local cat rescue league. All four of my cats are rescues and during this holiday season I had 7 kittens I was fostering and eventually found new Christmas homes. My friend owns the local feed store and introduced me to your product and I have been amazed by it. My 5 year old female has always vomited after meal time. I have tried all the big names as well as the store brands and FELIDAE is the first cat food that she keeps down. Because FELIDAE is a well rounded option, it’s perfect for my household because I don’t have to worry about who’s eating what.

My Fat Isabo, My Urinary Tract Boy, The various kittens, my little Sophie who was undernourished as a kitten and has bone/cartilage loss and sleek active Gryphon Gargoyle can all eat and benefit from the same bag of cat food. Healthy Coats, bright eyes and active evenings are all signs of great nutrition!

I thank you and appreciate this excellent product.

Renee H
Cause For Paws
Durham, CT

Thank you for making such a wonderful food

2006 – I am a breeder of Himalayans and persians, for about 15 years now. I breed rare colors, lilac and chocolates, that seem to have come with a lot of problems. One of them being allergies. I always suspected corn but could not find a food without it. Have been using your food for about six weeks now. I have noticed a big difference in all my cats. They are awake more, play more and want to eat all the time.

But there is one cat I want to share about in particular….Sugar Pea, a chocolate point female spay. She has always had severe problems. Goopy eyes, sneezing, and neurological problems which caused her trouble walking. She slept all day. I would have to wake her to come eat. She never played and always went right back to sleep, sometimes without eating. NOW….she is up for several hours, sneezes about half as much, no goopy eyes. Her face has even relaxed and everyone comments on the fact that she looks different. And she plays and walks better without stumbling. I mean she runs thru this house chasing the other cats now! She wants hugs and kisses all the time. She has started “talking” to me. Asks to go out of the bedroom at night. This is a totally different cat. The only thing we have changed is the food. Sugar Pea thanks you.

I have been looking for this food for many years. I have studied cat nutrition for a long time and this is a food that I would have made. I have written letters to other companies asking them to make a food like this. They never even answered me.

Thank you for making such a wonderful food.
Melanie L
Lollimops Himalayans and Persians

Here’s my story

2006 – We have two Ragdolls, a Norwegian Forest cat, and a moogie. We noticed that our oldest Ragdoll, (Mystic), was losing a lot of muscle mass, he was beginning to feel like a skeleton. He also was extremely lethargic, just not himself. Also, that our Norwegian, (Zoe), was constantly throwing up after eating.

Our vet had no idea what was going on, and my husband thought, what about the food? I thought otherwise, since they were on a pricey pet store brand of food, and not the cheap stuff from the supermarket!

Well, we switched them to FELIDAE. What a difference! Mystic has regained his muscle mass, and is acting like a kitten again. (He’s 13.) And Zoe keeps her food down.

Cori, Kevin, Mystic, Cato, Zoe, Grey Cat

A well deserved praise…

2006 – I run a very small cat rescue group in my area. I find homes for as many needy cats and kittens as I can. I currently have several cats that are a combination of my personal pets and rescue cats. Some of the once wild cats came to me feline leukemia positive which we treat with Alfa Interferon. Having so many mouths to feed, I used to feed supermarket brands but became frustrated with the horrible ingredients I read were going into this “food” and felt terrible about what I was feeding my little friends. Most of my cats (leukemia positive AND negative) vomited each time they ate it. So, I began researching alternative foods; from homemade raw meat diets to vegetarian diets and everything in between. Then I was fortunate enough to be given a pamphlet about your WONDERFUL product along with 3 samples of FELIDAE. Even my most finicky little “Tuffy”, who sometimes even refuses chicken breast, loved it, and so did I! I began feeding it to everyone one week ago and the results have been immediate and amazing!!! Not one of them has vomited even once, their coats feel like silk and shine like sunshine, they are more contented and calmer, like a stress has gone away. They eat about half as much as they did before because they are getting the nutrition they need instead of bulk. Their stools are smaller, less smelly and in just one week those with diarrhea have improved. Your food is a wonder food and it’s the best thing a person could do for their cat. I only wish I had known about it years ago. I tell everyone I know about FELIDAE and I cannot tell them enough good things about it! My Mother is going to start her cats on it too! I am anxiously waiting to see what effects it will have on my leukemia positive cats (and my cystitis girl) as I am sure there will be more results as time goes by. I know that it won’t cure the leukemia but between the Alfa Interferon and FELIDAE I know their lives will be the best they can be. I have worked FELIDAE into my budget and am so dedicated to feeding it that I will cut my personal food budget before I go back to feeding any of those other cat “foods”.

I switched him to FELIDAE, and he is very happy about it

2006 – Thank you for your wonderful cat food. I brought home a couple of sample packets from our local pet store, and mixed some of it in with my Monet’s (my cat) regular food. He chose to pick out every last piece of FELIDAE, and completely ignored the rest of his food, which is unusual as he is a cat that loves to eat. After I ran out of the samples, he started eating his old food again, but very little of it. As a result I switched him to FELIDAE, and he is very happy about it. So on behalf of Monet, thank-you for a great cat food. You may publish this with your FELIDAE testimonials if you choose to.

Yours Sincerely
Gail Lamb

I would never feed my cats anything but FELIDAE

2006 – I just had to say that I would never feed my cats anything but FELIDAE food!! I first tried it when I got a free sample at the pet store and my kitten tore the bag open to get into it and ate nearly the whole thing. This is an FIV + kitten who had never in her life been able to eat dry food due to mouth problems caused by complications from the FIV. I tried *every* possible food for her, even a home made diet. She loves FELIDAE, as do all my cats, and I know it gives her the nutrition she so desperately needs. Her mouth problems have greatly diminished, her coat is beautiful, and she is happy and healthy.

FELIDAE is the best cat food for people who care about their cats. Hands down. And if anyone doubts that, they are welcome to contact me for her story.

Thank you for making a great product.

Sonya S
“mom” to Emma, Nietzsche, and Cecil

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