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January 13, 2016

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CANIDAE® Pet Foods
1975 Tandem Way
Norco, CA 92860

Customer Service (M-F 9am- 4pm PST)
800-398-1600800-398-1600 or 909-599-5190909-599-5190
Fax: 951-738-9210951-738-9210

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Email delivery issues do sometimes occur. Occasionally email messages are not delivered properly. This is usually due to the message being mistaken as junkmail, but other delivery issues can occur as well.
We never want you to feel as though we were unresponsive to your concerns, so if you do not receive an email back from us within three days, please call our customer service line so we can address your inquiry immediately.
CANIDAE® Pet Foods is committed to providing you, our valued customer, the highest standard of excellence for product quality, palatability, customer satisfaction and customer service.