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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

The Good Stuff!

June 21, 2017

Went  to the vets for my Papillon’s check up and after Sunny passed with flying colors the vet asked what I had been feeding her. I replied that she gets Canidae. He said, “Oh, the good stuff”.
Sunny and I thank you.

-Mickey G.

He can finally enjoy being a dog again!

June 21, 2017

This is my dog Junior, he’s a giant German Shepard mix with lots of skin issues, the bigger the dog, more places to scratch!. He’s never ate bad food, just not the right food. I tried brand after brand before Canidae. I finally found your Pure Formula with the Salmon and I noticed a difference in my baby’s skin the very next week. We went from going to the vet every month for creams, shots, and tests. We found out he was highly allergic to chicken, turkey, and beef. So we started him on the salmon formula and have had nothing but success. His skin looks better and is finally healing, his ears are swollen, and we’ve taken him off all his anti itch medications and shampoos. He can finally enjoy being a dog again!

Thank you Canidae!

-Brittny C.

He devoured a big bowl of the duck flavored Canidae

June 20, 2017

My dog turned 18 months old this month on the 5th, he still acts like very much a puppy.  He’s been on Canidae since he was 7 months old, replacing it with what I read was the best food for Bullmastiff, the article mentioned Canidae a very good food as well.  I’m not exaggerating, the first time I bought the Canidae PURE Sky – duck flavored adult food to get him started in Canidae again now as an adult,  I had a bowl of the original choice and was emptying the bag of  Canidae into a bin and he kept smelling the bin so I threw the last bowl of the original choice out and he devoured a big bowl of the duck flavored Canidae.  What took me by surprise is that he hadn’t eaten out of the bowl of the original choice before devouring the Canidae.  He brought the bowl to me once to feed him, they’re smart yet independent minded.

-Luis V.

I am so incredibly grateful this dog food has added years to Penny’s life

June 19, 2017

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for the CANIDAE Grain free weight management dog food! My yellow lab of 5 years is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! Lover of tennis balls, swimming in mountain lakes, long hikes in the Spanish Peaks, and cuddling in the early morning hours; PennyLoo has her life back, thanks to this dog food! In one year Penny gained 20+ pounds; during that year I had switched her food from the CANIDAE life stages to the grain free organic Kirkland brand…biggest mistake of my life and threatening to Penny’s. During that year for the first time EVER Penny began to slow down while eating; anyone who has ever loved and cared for a lab understands the quick scarfing of every meal and when they don’t do that..well something seems a bit off. Thinking she was just aging and noting that her energy level was about the same, I thought nothing of it.
One year later Penny and I go in for her annual shots, the Vet says she is at risk to tear her ACL and that she was a middle-aged overweight lab 🙁 NO ONE wants to hear they are overweight and middle aged!!! That very night after the appointment Penny won’t even touch her food, this continued for a few days. I immediately questioned the dog food, made an emergency run to the local pet food store and purchased the CANIDAE grain free weight management formula. In a bag and a half worth of the CANIDAE Penny’s energy has sky-rocketed back to her usual self, she has released nearly 20lbs of doggy weight, and scarves her food once again!! Again, I am so incredibly grateful this dog food has added years to Penny’s life 🙂

-Amanda D.

I fed only Canidae to the 150 dogs that I have fostered

June 14, 2017

Fester was a stray Pekingese with bilateral eye and ear infections and head-to-toe fleabite dermatitis and yeast infection.   Six months later, his coat was to the floor, shiny and luxurious, and all thanks to Canidae All Life Formula.

I run a small dog rescue organization and have fed only Canidae to the 150 dogs that I have fostered in recent years and have never had anything but total success and healthy, happy dogs! Thank you, Canidae!

-Beth Z.

His hair grew faster than anything I ever imagined.

June 14, 2017

Gucci is a full-grown 4-pound Pomeranian whose owners gave him up because he had Alopecia and black, leathery skin.  Upon taking him in as a rescue, I transitioned him to Canidae All Life Formula and watched his hair grow faster than anything I would’ve ever imagined.

These pictures show his  progress from day one to 6 1/2 months.  Now, after a full year, Gucci still weighs 4 pounds but with all that hair, he’s the size of a basketball! He’s happy and healthy and bouncy and purely adorable, AND he doesn’t shed!

Thank you, Canidae!
-Beth Z.

Our dogs allergies have improved 100%


May 25, 2017

Our dogs allergies have improved 100% on Under The Sun – no more gunky and infected ears for the lab and labradoodle!  Although we have to put the lab on a diet now as he loves it so much he’s eating a little too much.

The two with allergies – Bo our Lab and Oakley our Doodle – rescues that we have no history on. Callie our Golden is a rescue as well but is a registered purebred and of all the dogs has no allergies.


The only food she’ll eat

May 24, 2017

My puppy (she just turned 5 Months) has a sensitive stomach, and to add insult to injury…. she’s very picky!! I’ve tried many brands (top brands), even raw! With no luck!!

Canidae grain free puppy is the only food she’ll eat… & want more! When she’s older, I’ll be buying your different grain free flavors 😊 You have one satisfied pup/customer!!!

-Gloria D.

This dog food has made a huge difference

May 24, 2017

This dog food has made a huge difference in our Border Collie. She had some lesions of some sort on her beautiful face that her Vet had thought they might be caused by a not so great immune system. Since being on this food, all lesions are gone and she eats great now.

-Mary S.

Her belly has been clear ever since

April 25, 2017

Our dog Kiwifruit was having issues with the skin on her belly getting inflamed and with red bumps and pustules. We tried 3 foods with no change. We have been feeding Canidae All Stages for a while now, and her belly has been clear ever since. Our other 2 dogs are doing great on it too!

-Barbara A.

Jasper is happy again

April 24, 2017

My lil yorkie  name Jasper has food allergies, but thanks to your food,  he is doing great.  He doesn’t have the little bumps he once had & he is happy again. Thank you!  Our other dog name  Gangster doesn’t  have allergies, but he can’t get enough of your food. I have never seen him beg til he tried Jasper’s food. Lol crazy dog. Thank you so much.

-Alex A.

We had a winner!

April 22, 2017

We rescued our Jackhuahua in Feb. 2016 & were unsure of which food to place him on. He didn’t like the food they were giving him in shelter. However, after his first vet appointment he was put on a prescription diet which he didn’t really like and didn’t help whatsoever with the scratching, licking, biting, etc. In Sept. 2016, we decided to try the Canidae Grain Free PURE bison and he gobbled up every little morsel and wanted more! We had a winner! He’s been on the Canidae now and we have noticed less shedding, stools aren’t as smelly and more firm than extremely soft. I’m really glad that I researched this line along with others and chose this one now for our little furbaby. I did consult with a customer service representative on Facebook regarding which line of the Canidae would be best for our Max. This then went into messenger where they recommended the Canidae Grain Free PURE. Although Max is eating the bison now, we do plan to switch up and try the salmon next.

I highly recommend the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE line to anyone. It really is a great line and although it may be a bit more pricewise, but you’re also not feeding as much.

Thank you CANIDAE for making a tasty yet healthy “feast” for our furbaby!

-Vicki D.

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