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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

I attribute her fantastic immune system, coat, and bright eyes to CANIDAE

Ashley-Hammock-210/16/11 – Thank you so much for making such an amazing food. I am the proud owner of North America’s first Hamiltonstovare shown and first ever UKC Champion. Ashley-HammockShe has been on CANIDAE pureSEA almost since she got off the plane from the UK. Before she arrived, her breeder was concerned about the quality of food and I knew right from the start that I would go with CANIDAE, as I had used it in the past with Clumber Spaniels. My Hamiltonstovare, Alice, has been on a grain free diet since she was a puppy, and I attribute her fantastic immune system, coat, and bright eyes to CANIDAE and how it made her transition from life in the UK to life in the US less stressful. Thank you again, and I proudly recommend CANIDAE products to anybody who asks what Alice is fed.

Ashley H.
Midlothian, VA

Rottweilers Have Improved Since Canidae!

Champion Pretorians Faxsimile and to her right, son Pretorians Prince of Thieves. On the left we have Champion Pretorians Faxsimile, four years of age, and on her right is her son Pretorians Prince of Thieves, fourteen mouth of age. When we asked how their Rottweilers were doing on CANIDAE the response was, “Improved by 100%! The stool was never as consistent and we like the size of the kibble, it’s perfect.” One of the problems Pete and Charlotte were having was keeping weight on their Rott’s with a baked food. Since feeding CANIDAE the dogs are perfect weight.

Rubicon Rottweilers
Pete V.
Charlotte P.
Clovis, CA

Dan Dallenbach and his dog Brindle

I’m writing to express my complete satisfaction with CANIDAE Dog Food. About 15 months ago, my 3 year old male mixed breed dog, Brindle, had quickly become overweight on a diet of various conventional store brand dog foods. Since his adoption from our local animal shelter, his weight had quickly increased from 55lbs. to over 70lbs. in just over a year. Our Veterinarian suggested some national brand lower calorie dog foods, but Brindle continued to gain weight and I did not particularly like their cost. Finally, I decided to try CANIDAE after the recommendation of a local feed and grain store. I’m happy to report that at Brindle’s last visit to the vet he had dropped down to 67lbs. in about 9 months. He really enjoys the food and both the vet and myself are thrilled his weight has returned to a normal range for his breed and size. I’ll continue to buy CANIDAE and recommend it to all of my friends. Thanks for a great product.
Dan D.
La Verne, CA

Look at these Norwegian Elk Hounds!

loriThe male is Tiokas On Line, and the female is Champion Tiokas Blast to The Past. Lori has been feeding CANIDAE for three months now and is very pleased. Her first comment was, “the dogs love it and they are doing great!” Lori also just had a bitch whelp six puppies and they are all doing great.

Tioka Kennel
Lori W.
Riverside, CA

Merry Ellis with one of three Spitzs.

Merry is pleased to say her Spitzs now has smaller firmer stools. She also loves the shiny coast her Spitzs now have.

Merry E.
Los Osos, CA

Best of Breed Twice

I have a Briard that I am currently showing heavily on the show circuit. I have always been fighting the problem of long coat. I had a friend of mine tell me about your food and figured I had nothing to loose to give it a try.,

We are now on our 2nd 40# bag and 1 case of moist food and I am thrilled with the results. He has gone Best of Breed twice now and a week apart. The win picture tells the whole story–In one week his coat has grown over one inch.

Thank you for such a super food that really works. My whole kennel is now on this food and I tell everyone about it.


Balinda and Reno

Pat O’ Brien is shown here with his Bullmastiff, at the Southbay Dog Show.

patPat has been happy with the results he is getting from CANIDAE. His Bullmastiff has increased density. Before feeding CANIDAE Pat’s Bullmastiff was hard to keep weight on, and his coat was never this nice!

Pat O.
Fullerton, CA

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