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He loves Canidae!

June 11, 2018

Finnegan has been on Canidae for over a year now and he loves it.  He even met a new Borzoi friend while getting his food at a local store.

– Chelsea L.

I have some happy fur babies

June 5, 2018

We have tried a number of different dog foods and our Weimaraner love Canidae All Life Stages. We have used it from puppy to now adult and couldn’t be happier with it. Other dog foods when we would feed them it would still be in their bowl at dinner time. That was not the case with Canidae. I have some happy fur babies 🙂

-Tiffany B.

We really love your food!

June 5, 2018

We really love your food because of all the high protein and wonderful ingredients! We have 5 German Shepherds…15 YRS. Old to 10 months old. They all love it and all get what they need put of the same bag! It makes sense and we like it! They love it!

Susan O.

We do not want to ever risk another type of food in her future.

June 4, 2018

Our black lab Margo has terrible allergies. We cycled through various limited ingredient foods for years, each lasting only a few months before she developed an allergy to each food. She ultimately spent a year on a soy-based prescription diet provided by a friend who is a veterinary technician. In 2015 we landed on Canidae Pure Sky duck formula and she has not had a food-related allergy flare since that time. She has been on the same food for the last 3 years and has done extremely well. We do not want to ever risk another type of food in her future and I have recommended Canidae to many.

Thank you.

Claire H.

He loves your food!

May 25, 2018

Hello Canidae!

I wanted to tell you and all of the folks in your employ, thank you for making such great products. Fairbanks, my Huskie-Shepard 12 year old mix loves your Under the Sun grain-free with whitefish. Fairbanks recently started having skin irritations and was licking and chewing himself raw. Our vet kept prescribing him “anti-itch” medicine, which worked but I didn’t want to expose him to pharmaceuticals. I informed my vet of my concerns and we decided to change his diet to a grain-free diet and start a trail and error experimentation with new foods to see if his diet may be the cause of his skin issues. We were overwhelmed by the multitude of choices but managed to pick up your product and 8 weeks later Fairbanks’ skin issues have not resurfaced. He loves your food, especially when I mix in some of your wet food on top.

So please share my story with all of your employees and say thank you for all of their hard work from me and especially Fairbanks.

Take care,
Dennis C.

Thank you Canidae for creating a quality food for our pups

May 21, 2018

Avenue DiscDogs has continued to use Canidae Grain Free Pure.  Canidae gives our dogs the energy and great digestive health they need to compete at high levels.  This is one of our three border collies, Khloe.  Khloe has qualified for Skyhoundz World Disc Championships for the past three years.  Thank you Canidae for creating a quality food for our pups, and continuing to make a better product.

Adam and Jeri C.
Avenue DiscDogs

Most important they are very healthy

May 17, 2018

I go through a lot of Canidae Dog Food since I have 2 large breed dogs. Both Darth & Leah have been Canidae dogs for well over 10 years and so many people say that they look great. But most important they are very healthy, thanks to Canidae!

-Steve S.

She is more playful and energetic

May 10, 2018

Inu is almost 3 years old and she LOVES Canidae. Inu has a pretty sensitive stomach so finding the right food for her has been a challenge. Once we switched to Canidae, we noticed a HUGE difference right away. She wasn’t taking forever to eat her food because she loves the taste and we have seen a drastic change in her overall. She is more playful and energetic and she is thriving! Feel free to use as our testimonial.

-Veronica T.

Our pups need a diet that supports their active lifestyle

May 8, 2018

At Avenue DiscDogs, we play hard everyday and regularly compete with our three border collies in disc (frisbee) dog sports. Our pups need a diet that supports this active lifestyle and gives them the energy and endurance they need. We are extremely happy with Canidae Grain Free Pure, because it is easy on their digestive system and provides them with a nutritionally dense diet comprised of quality ingredients. We have confidently fed our dogs Canidae pet foods and treats for the past 3 years, and are impressed with Canidae’s continued commitment to providing high quality products.

-Adam C.

Finally have peace of mind

May 8, 2018

All I can say is thank you!! Our little Tawnie is a 5 month old yellow lab, a few weeks ago she quit eating and we had no idea why. We took her to the vet and they said physically they could not find anything wrong with her, hmmmm….Ok. So we decided to change our dog food, we switched 4 times and came up with the same response from her…She would eat for a day and then stop and would not eat, we would switch and again she would quit eating. We were getting very frustrated and lets face it dog food can be very expensive, so with in a few weeks we had spent a few hundred dollars on dog food!! We went to our local Petco and began a search for puppy food, so here we were again and I was a little apprehensive about spending more money on a food she would not eat…I ended up purchasing Under the Sun puppy grain free, and she loves it!! I am so thankful that we have found a recipe that she likes!! I will be using your dog food for all future purchases and with our future pets….I feel safe knowing that we are feeding our girl a dog food made by a company that cares about their consumers. I finally have peace of mind knowing that she is eating and from a very reputable company. So again Thank you!!

-Jeri R.

We are able to feed all three of our pups one food

May 7, 2018

We have a three dog household. Each dog has different health issues, which could have made feeding time a headache. Buddy, our chi mix, has IBS. Roxie, our high energy boxer, suffers from pancreatitis. Foster, our bulldog mix, has tons of allergy issues. Thanks to Canidae, we are able to feed all three of our pups one food, which makes life SO much easier. Since switching to Canidae our IBS pup has had no episodes of gastroenteritis. Our pancreatitis pup hasn’t had one flare up since we transitioned them to Canidae’s weight control chicken. And finally our allergy laden pup has seen amazing improvement in his annoying skin conditions. I’m so happy we have been able to find a product that really improves their quality of life!

-Suzanne P.

We love having one product for all and they all seem to love it equally.

May 4, 2018

We have three doggos of varying weights and sizes. We never thought too much about their food until a couple of years ago when our 8 year old Border Collie started to gain a lot of weight and was getting a bit cranky and unhappy. We contacted family we got him from and they recommended Canidae, so we switched to Canidae limited ingredient products for all the pups. Within week, Hand, our Border Collie regained his energy, healthy coat and cheery disposition. With more energy came weight loss and he’s just been a happy guy ever since. We like the weight range recommendations for feeding – our smallest is a miniature Schnauzer, about 20 pounds, and the largest is something unique! Maybe Airedale and Wolfhound, about 110 pounds. We love having one product for all and they all seem to love it equally. Even our local bears have made an effort to get into their kibble – we’ve never had THAT happen before! Thanks again for a great product.

-Valerie L.

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