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With 2 years of your food, she is a healthy active

Feb. 22, 2018

We have 4 dogs now… who would have ever guessed. 3 of them are rescues from a local group here 4Paws4U4ever. The dogs consume over 11 cups of your grain free food a day in total. We thought you might like to see the pack! The yellow girl when we got here was about 8 pounds and as you can see with 2 years of your food she is a healthy active 60 pounds!

-Sandy K.

Keep up the excellent quality control.

Feb. 21, 2018

My humane society rescue Melody just loves Canidae dog food. Not having recall issues is huge to pet owners like myself. Keep up the excellent quality control.

-Patricia B.

Under the Sun Whitefish has saved my dog.

Feb. 19, 2018

My dog Booger has severe allergies to everything. When I say everything I mean everything, grass, trees, polyfill, beef, lamb, chicken, bugs everything. We were feeding a different brand of dog food that had only a few things he was allergic to in it, one day we noticed it was being discontinued and we were panicking about what we were going to feed our sweet boy. One if the main ingredients he can not have is potato. Under the Sun Whitefish has saved my dog. The Under the Sun brand has no potato and only one thing he is allergic to and its low on the list. He has stopped itching and biting till he bleeds. He has external allergies as well so his problem isn’t 100% solved but its 80% better then it was previously. It is very hard to find a dog food that doesn’t have potato in it. I’m very thankful for CANIDAE and catering to dogs with major allergies. This picture was taken before starting your food. Thank you so much CANIDAE.

-Ashley L.

Thank You, Canidae, for the last twenty years and helping my dogs live long, healthy lives!!

Feb 12, 2018

Twenty years ago, while attending a Home & garden show, I received a sample packet of Canidae Dog Food. At that time, I had a 15 year old, finicky Chihuahua and he LOVED it!♡Fast forward 20 years and several dogs later, I am still purchasing Canidae All Life Stages Formula. Today, I am feeding three dogs. Rocky, a 12 year old German Shepherd ~ Max, a 2-3 year old German Shepherd ~ and Jenny, a 3 1/2 year old Peekapom. I rescue all my dogs not knowing what food they have been fed. They have ALL enjoyed a Canidae dinner in my home with zero side effects from the food change. Thank You, Canidae, for the last twenty years and helping my dogs live long, healthy lives!!♡♡♡

-Juli L.

People started commenting on how great his coat looked.

Feb. 9, 2018

I first started using Canidae with my previous rescue border collie, Finn. His coat was looking dull and I tried all kinds of foods even tried coconut oil. I happened upon Canidae Grain Free Pure on sale and tried it. Finn loved it! People started commenting on how great his coat looked. When I got Dooley, I weaned him from what he was eating in rescue to Canidae Grain Free Pure. He also loves it. Dooley is a high energy, high drive border collie who hikes, runs and plays for hours. He is solid muscle and has a beautiful, shiny coat.

-Tina S.

I’ll be a customer for life now

Feb. 7, 2018

I have a German Shepherd with very itchy skin and a sensitive stomach. We love Canidae Pure Salmon and Wild Boar.  I’ll be a customer for life now (:

-Melissa M.

Her allergies have greatly improved!

Jan 31, 2018

My dog Dixie is 14 years old now we feed her Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea. We switch Dixie to the Canidae grain free when she was 5. We tried everything for her allergies and nothing seemed to work finally found the Grain Free Pure Sea, her allergies have improved a 99%.

We also are getting a new member of the family. Her name is Angel I will be feeding her the Canidae Grain Free Pure Puppy food.


I have the peace of mind with CANIDAE

Jan. 16, 2018

In a world full of dog food recalls…I have the peace of mind Canidae products provides me with every single day. My animals thrive being nourished by quality ingredients and have never become sickened enjoying their favorite time of the day! Meal time!

-Michelle W.

No more issues after switching to CANIDAE!

Jan. 10, 2018

We have two rescue dogs, one of them has a sensitive stomach. After switching to Canidae Pure Salmon dry kibble, no more issues! What brought me to Canidae… I did a ton of research online. I wanted a quality/safe product. I watched the video of how the company started from the bottom with two of the founders. I loved the story! Hardworking individuals, American based (Texas), the ingredients are all grown and harvested by the company. I am so happy we switched and could not be happier. I recommend Canidae to all my family and friends as well as Facebook groups I’m in. Plus, their customer service is amazing!

-Stacey D.

She devours her food!

Dec. 21, 2017

We decided to switch our dog, Sadie, to Canidae after she seemed to develop some stomach issues on her previous food. Not only are we thrilled with Canidae but Sadie obviously loves her new food! She is beyond excited to eat each meal and devours the food. Since switching her to Canidae we have not only seen her stomach issue resolve but her coat is thicker and softer than before. Thank you Canidae!

-Sara C.

She is now at a healthy weight and loves her food.

Dec. 13, 2017

Darla was adopted a year ago from Meriden Animal Control and came with a lot of allergy issues. She would break out in itchy red rashes and her paws would turn bright red and get sores on them. We soon found that any form of chicken or chicken by product along with grain would cause her to be miserable. Your bison formula has been wonderful for her!  She is now at a healthy weight and loves her food. Thank you!

-Kim B.

Many thanks for coming up with such a great product.

Dec. 1, 2017

I have a search and rescue dog. Snoopy came to me at age of 4, she is now turning 14 and she scratched endlessly until my daughter told me about your grain free dog food. She has now been on it for 10 years, her fur is nice and soft. She works as a cadaver and evidence dog and is still going strong. I also put my newest dog, Tinker, on your dog food. My sister has Tinker’s brother and there is a drastic difference in their fur. Tinker is also a search and rescue dog and will also work for many years because of your dog food. Many thanks for coming up with such a great product.

-Viola B.

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