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He loves it and his problems are now gone

2010-09-219/21/10 – I’m sending you pics of Harley… He’s a race dog!

Harley is a Weimaraner and is 7 years old. We have wanted to try CANIDAE for some time now, but I could never find a store that stocked your product in Utah…. I finally found a pet store 30 miles from our home that sells CANIDAE. Harley has had a fidgety digestive system. I’ve tried 4 times changing his dog food throughout his years to find a food that suits him – all top quality foods bought through vets. When I put him on CANIDAE I could tell I wouldn’t have to change ever again. He loves it and his problems are now gone.

Thanks for your great dog food!

Sheryl S.

We’ve had much success and health

2010-09-279/27/10 – Jake, my Norwegian Elk Hound mix, I call my rescue dog. He is now 14 years old and doing very well for his age. I’ve known him since birth, and he was my friend’s keeper from the litter.

But sadly, at 2-1/2 years old, they were moving and had given him away. I discovered this at their house one day when the new owner showed up complaining about getting along with him, and described his new life in a garage, alone. Jake came out of his vehicle, and had very little hair, and was stressed. Who says dogs don’t understand? I told Jake to get in my open car door if he wanted to go home with me. The new owner wasn’t happy, but Jake and I were.

I went to the local feed store and met a knowledgeable food rep who said ‘Holistic’, and suggested CANIDAE. We’ve had much success and health, so much so that I will not change brands. I use CANIDAE treats too. Jake adjusted quickly, with his sister that we already had. I believe my vet when they tell me Jake may live to be 17 to 19. And they don’t try to take me away from CANIDAE. There are several good pet foods out there, but CANIDAE has made Jake and Samantha healthy happy dogs.

I would have not written if I didn’t believe Jake and Samantha might not be in such great health for old dogs, if not for their 12 years eating CANIDAE. Constant questions from people on what I do for the dog to have such a great, full coat. Remember he was almost hairless at 2 1/2. Nothing special, just good food, and happy health, I answer. You can’t question success. Not one, two dogs.

Milt B.

Danish Dogs Discover CANIDAE at the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark

2010-10-13a10/13/10 – Luna and Dina, owned by Pia and Sofia stopped by the booth of Sø-Pet Dyrehandel, the CANIDAE distributor in Denmark, during the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark.
Since then, Pia and Sofia have been feeding their dogs CANIDAE, who love the new food and have a beautiful coat.

Pia and Sofia sent in these great pictures to share. Pictured left is Luna, giving CANIDAE All Life Stages her enthusiastic approval, and pictured right is both Dina and Luna with owner Sofia.

Pia and Sofia

Exactly what Belle needed to help her on the road to recovery

bonnie10/15/10 – We have 3 dogs, Maddie, Bonnie [pictured left] and Belle. The first two are Boston Terriers and the last one is a mutt. For Bonnie, our smallest Boston, she used to throw up rather often. What prompted our switch, because the two Bostons were really doing quite fine on the other food, aside from the throwing up, was the fact that we acquired Belle, our token mutt 🙂

belle-before-canidaeWhen my son brought her home she was a mess… flea and tick infested, pot belly (worms) and sparse hair. [Pictured right, before CANIDAE] Upon a trip to the vet, we found out she had mange, the noncontagious type. Thank God!!! We started her on treatments and I am very thankful we did.

comboI started reading up at this time about dog foods and how they are not all created equal. We were on a good dog food but not one that contained what we needed for a dog with a compromised immune system. I learned for a dog with strikes against them, as Belle had, that a quality dog food with a higher percentage of protein, among many other important ingredients, was exactly what Belle needed to help her on the road to recovery.

lastWe started on CANIDAE immediately and this has probably been 3 years now, and all are thriving. Belle’s fur is completely in and beautiful [Belle pictured again above left with Maddie who is pictured alone on final picture on right]. Belle is shedding, which I laugh at, especially because we tried so hard to get hair to grow. They are active and happy and love their food. Also, another thing was Bonnie used to leave food… never leaves any now 🙂

I am so thankful I found this website and read up on CANIDAE and decided to give it a try. We use the CANIDAE ALS, as well as cans and Snap-Biscuits too!

Danette M.

Winston goes crazy for his food

2010-10-25a10/25/10 – I have a Saint Bernard named Winston. He’s the most fantastic dog I’ve ever owned (and possibly in the entire world). I switched Winston’s food to CANIDAE Lamb & Rice in January of this year after noticing his skin was dry and he was very thin even though he was eating 7-8 cups of food per day.

I have been amazed by the difference in his skin and coat CANIDAE has made. The lack of fillers in the diet means his body is able to retain the protein and by just eating 4-5 cups of food per day, he has filled out to be a healthy looking dog.
Winston goes crazy for his food and I am able to switch up the formulas without causing his stomach to get upset. His two favorites are the CANIDAE Lamb & Rice and the CANIDAE Chicken & Rice. I have been very happy with the results I have seen in Winston and will continue to recommend CANIDAE products to every pet owner I meet.

Jackie S.

I couldn’t ask for a better food

2010-10-29a10/29/10 – I have an almost 3 year old Beagle / Miniature Pinscher named Maybelle. I adopted her at 6 week old from a local shelter. She is a honey and full of energy. From the time she was little she had problems with a dry coat and dirty ears. Our vet suggested that it was beef causing these problems, so beef left her diet. Yet her condition didn’t improve and she was chowing down nearly 5 cups a day and she is only a 13lb dog. Her energy level was so sky high… we I just couldn’t find a pet food to match her body.

2010-10-29bMy friend that hunts told me about a new food his kennel had switched to and sent me a picture of how shiny and healthy Kodi looked now. I looked into this right away and found CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon.

It’s excellent. Maybelle’s coat is shiny and healthy, her ears are much healthier and she only needs two cups of food a day to maintain her weight now. I couldn’t ask for a better food, and I get compliments all the time on how good Maybelle looks.

Courtney T.

Glad to have them back on CANIDAE

2010-11-0111/1/10 – I recently took a trip to Texas with my three Whippets. We ended up staying longer than planned, so I had to purchase food for them while I was there. Unfortunately, I could not find CANIDAE, so I purchased what I thought might be a comparable brand. We were there for a month. By the time we got home their coats were not as soft and shiny as they are when they are eating their CANIDAE PLATINUM®, they didn’t seem to be as satisfied (seemed to be hungry all the time) and to put it nicely, they had a considerable increase in elimination.

Needless to say, I am glad to be back home in Arroyo Grande and glad to have them back on CANIDAE.

Thanks for a great product.

Barbra M.
Arroyo Grande, CA

We get tons of compliments

2010-11-0911/9/10 – We’ve been feeding our dog CANIDAE food and our cat FELIDAE food for years. We get tons of compliments on their appearance and health and I’m always quick to mention that we exclusively use CANIDAE and FELIDAE!

Pictured are my gorgeous boys. Teddy is a 5 year old purebred Miniature American Eskimo dog and Toby is a 3 year old rescue domestic long hair.

Dawn C.
Iron Mountain, MI

His skin and coat has improved tremendously

2010-11-10a11/10/10 – My Terrier mix, Rusty, started having serious skin problems about 8 years ago when we moved to a different city. The vet and I tried everything to eliminate his skin problems — from changing his diet to giving him allergy shots, allergy pills, and other prescribed medications — without much success. I actually considered moving out of the city until the real estate market prevented me from doing so.

2010-11-10bMy vet suggested CANIDAE. I was sure Rusty was allergic to something in the back yard and did not think his dog food was the problem. I was at the pet store, saw CANIDAE Grain Free dog food, and decided to try it.

Rusty has been on this diet for about 4 months and his skin and coat has improved tremendously. He is still a little itchy but not as much as he used to be. He has improved markedly. He no longer has open sores and he can finally sleep through the night without being miserable. I have two other dogs and they too are on the CANIDAE Grain Free diet. Thank you, CANIDAE, for putting out such a great product!


My white greyhound isn’t shedding anymore

2010-11-19a11/19/10 – I have two dogs and two cats. I try and save as much as I can when buying food. I just purchased a Doberman puppy and I was told by the breeder to give him your dry food only. Well, what a stir it caused. My other dogs decided to not eat their food and ate all the CANIDAE instead. I have purchased several bags of your dog and cat foods now. My cats, Maine Coons, eat it like it’s ice cream.

2010-11-19bMy dogs also eat the Snap Biscuits. I was told by the breeder to send you some information for coupons to help with my costs. I’d prefer them staying on this diet. My white greyhound isn’t shedding anymore with this new diet.

Can you please send me coupons or vouchers towards the new diet plan? I would really appreciate any help in saving a few dollars here and there. The reason I ask is because I am 100% D.A.V. U.S. Army Corps. I am on a strict budget so I would appreciate your full cooperation in helping me keep my animals fit and trim.

Staff Sergeant Joseph D.
Peabody, MA

Her diet is the best it can be

2010-12-06a12/6/10 – My testimonial for CANIDAE’s great dog food products began this past June in a quest to find a female Golden Retriever puppy to join our family and in time to train her as a therapy dog to work with hospitalized children. In scavenging breeders’ websites via the web and obedience training ideas, CANIDAE’s dog food kept popping up in my research. Knowing and trusting that a dog’s behavior is very much tied to their nutritional diet, I gleamed CANIDAE’s website to ask the customer support representatives a few questions and to also locate a distributor of the dog food (Marshal Grains in Fort Worth, TX).

2010-12-06bMy husband and I also have a 3 year old Chocolate Lab mix we rescued two years ago, but previously we had owned a female Golden Retriever, and I felt this breed’s laid back personality and intelligence would be the best match to train as a good therapy dog. Recently my husband retired from 36 years in a medical field and a new ministry of his working with a therapy dog at a local children’s hospital would be a wonderful way to spend his retirement years. We have four grown children, who are all married and seven wonderful grandchildren, so this just felt special and right to venture into as our new puppy matures.

2010-12-06cBrioley joined our home on August 25th at 8 weeks of age and began her diet of CANIDAE All Life Stages. Also Abigale, our Chocolate Lab mix, was switched to CANIDAE Lamb & Rice from a previous high end dog food from a local pet store. Her skin and coat do best when she is on Lamb and Rice blend. They both are pretty amazing dogs and I’m thankful to know that as Brioley entered her second level of obedience training classes at age 5 months recently, that her diet is the best it can be as we move one step closer to her being an incredible therapy dog for children. That she continues to be a very laid back golden retriever I attribute to her breeder and CANIDAE.

2010-12-06dI must share that Beth, one of CANIDAE’s Support Representatives, has been amazing in answering my many questions, along with being so supportive in raising our new puppy to maturity. Her answers have come back not long after my questions were sent and I treasure this bridge of support with her. Since this time I have cheer-leaded and shared CANIDAE’s brands with Brioley’s five litter mates, our neighbors, our breeder, our Vet, and a special friend, who has therapy assistance dogs for soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas. This list is never ending, as I have even more opportunities to share CANIDAE’s products. Many blessings to CANIDAE.

Betty O.
Fort Worth, TX

We love that they are so healthy

2010-12-08z2010-12-0812/8/10 – Just wanted to say that we really love your Snap-Biscuits! Our two and a half year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Polly Browne, absolutely loves them, and we love that they are so healthy! We buy the treats all the time.

We never give our dog human food, so this is her absolute and only treat food, which is the way it should be in my opinion 🙂 And she’s all the more healthy and happy for it.

Thanks so much and take care,

Fleur W.
Baton Rouge, LA

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