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We can feed two Newfs affordably and well

2011-01-25a1/25/2011 – My two year old Newfoundland, River, is on CANIDAE and has been since she got home. She has the most beautiful coat and is very healthy. Strangers always comment on how soft and shiny her coat is, and they ask what we do to keep it that way. We always respond, “A lot of brushing and good food – CANIDAE!”

2011-01-25bWe also love the reasonable prices for such a quality food. Our second Newf joins the family in about a month, and we know we can feed two Newfs affordably and well on CANIDAE.

Jackie P.

Eating your foods and thriving

2011-01-271/27/2011 – I just wanted to tell you thank for making such a wonderful, high quality food at a reasonable price! I have 9 dogs and 1 cat, all eating your foods and thriving!! In addition, I am a pet sitter and suggest your foods to my clients!!  You can’t go wrong!!

Kristin W.
Eustis, FL

CANIDAE is the best food I’ve ever fed

2011-01-281/28/2011 – Here is a recent picture of my two Terrier Mix Pups. The black one is “Shasta,” I believe a Schnauzer and miscellaneous mix. She is 7 months old. The blond one is “Abby.” She is a Wheaten terrier and American Eskimo mix. She is 14 months old. Both have loveable and gentle personalities, but Shasta still gets into everything and likes to chew things up! I adopted both from the Cowlitz County Humane Society in Longview, WA. I buy my 35# CANIDAE All Life Stages food from the Dog Zone in Longview where I also take the dogs for Doggie Daycare usually once a week. I have been feeding Shasta and Abby CANIDAE for about 4 months. They both like the food and their coats are looking great, and their energy levels are excellent. I am an experienced dog owner, and CANIDAE is the best food I’ve ever fed my numerous pets, and the results show it! Thank you for your great website, and customer service.

Ed D.
Kalama, WA

Your food helped improve his quality of life

2011-02-03a2/3/2011 – We have two dogs and they both eat CANIDAE. The reason I started using your dog food was because my dog Jack suffered from seizures that may have been related to lower quality dog food filled with nasty chemicals and preservatives. Since switching to CANIDAE the seizures went from once or twice monthly to once every 3 or 4 months. I think your food helped improved his quality of life, and I thank you for that!

2011-02-03bJack is a bigger dog weighing in at about 55 pounds, so we have bought a lot of CANIDAE dog food! Ava has also benefited from a change in dog food brands. She used to have dry itchy skin and get ear infections, now she no longer has a problem. Keep up the good work. They are both happy and healthy CANIDAE dogs. Please keep producing high quality food!

Kimberly M.
North Fork, ID

He has not had any stomach issues since

2011-02-042/4/2011 – From the moment we had decided on adopting our puppy Cage, we knew that we wanted the absolute best for our puppy. And that meant feeding him the highest quality of food. We did not start him off with CANIDAE, because I didn’t know much about this brand. Cage has a sensitive stomach and had digestive problems as a small puppy. We changed his food a few times and he was also on antibiotics on three different occasions. We decided to do some more research on food and discovered CANIDAE. We found that a local feed store sold CANIDAE (at a decent price as well) and made the transition to the new food. The first day he ate it, he devoured it! Cage used to graze over his meals and it took him at least an hour to finish his serving of food. Well, now that he eats CANIDAE he gobbles it instantly and looks up at us for more. He has a beautiful, soft and shiny coat and is a ball of energy. He has not had any stomach issues since. I would recommend CANIDAE to any of my friends who own pets. We also have a 7 year old cat and we are switching her food to FELIDAE as well. THANK YOU!

Marisa and Cory

We always recommend CANIDAE to everyone we know

2011-02-07a2/7/2011 – We’ve been feeding our Golden Retriever, Libby, CANIDAE for 4 out of the 5 years of her life, and we wouldn’t consider feeding her any other food! When she first came home we tried several, what is considered high quality brands. She just picked and never seemed to enjoy her mealtime, and would have loose watery stools and lots of stomach upsets. After a lot of research and many hours on the computer trying to find a good quality food, we decided to try CANIDAE, and the rest is history. Libby has been on CANIDAE ever since. She is a picture of health… soft, shiny coat, bright shiny eyes. She has no health issues anymore with her stools and stomach upsets.

2011-02-07bWe always recommend CANIDAE to everyone we know that has or is about to buy a new dog. We have even gotten family members to switch brands after seeing how well Libby did on CANIDAE. We are very impressed with how the folks at CANIDAE, especially Beth Morgan, go out of their way to help with any information or help you may need.

2011-02-07cWe also give her the Snap Bits and Snap Biscuit treats and she loves them as much as her meals of CANIDAE Lamb and Rice Formula for All Life Stages. We can’t thank you enough for making such a high quality food that Libby has enjoyed from the first time she tried it. I’m sure if Libby could talk she would thank you also. Thanks again!

Libby’s Family

Our dog loves her CANIDAE

2011-02-082/8/2011 – Just wanted to let you know how much our dog loves her CANIDAE. We adopted Gracie when she was almost six months old from a local shelter. She had been with a family that while I don’t doubt that they loved her, I don’t think they put much thought into her nutrition. Her coat was flaky and dry and she seemed constantly itchy. I knew a bath would solve part of that problem but that we needed to start working from the inside out to get her in better shape. Our trainer recommended CANIDAE. Gracie today is eleven months old, weighs a healthy 45 lbs, and we get many compliments on what a pretty girl she is. Her coat is glossy and soft and she barely sheds. She sits politely for her food and waits to be told “okay” to dive in. Thanks for making such a great product.

Michelle & Pete… and Gracie.

I am thrilled that Queso has finally found a food she likes

2011-02-09a2/9/2011 – After a six month search, I believe that we have a winner! So far Queso has gobbled up every CANIDAE flavor I have tried with her – and she loves the Snap Bits too.

2011-02-09bI am thrilled that Queso has finally found a food she likes, is good for her, is made by a responsible company (I read some of the info on how CANIDAE gives back to the community and utilizes wind power as its source of energy) and is reasonable priced.

In the past 6 months that Queso has been part of our family we have tried many other brands – and CANIDAE won Queso’s stomach love! Thanks for your help in our quest for the perfect food for Queso!

Karen P.

Her coat looks amazing

2011-02-112/11/2011 – My standard Daschund Maya was a rescue, and her foster mother gave me a small bag and some coupons to try the food. Maya was 10 weeks old and now is turning 3 years old in March. Since she was a puppy until now she just loves meal time. Her coat looks amazing, she dark and tan and she just shines. A 5 pound bag lasts me a whole month, it’s important to keep the food fresh… I have a dog walking company and I tell my clients the importance of a perfect balance meal for pets, and by far CANIDAE has proven to be in my personal experience the best choice for my pet. That is what Maya loves and I do too. Thanks for caring CANIDAE!!! Thanks for caring and making great food for my pet.


Noticed a huge improvement in their coat and metabolism

2011-02-132/13/2011 – We tried CANIDAE All Life Stages from a testimonial of a breeder. We have 10 large breed dogs, 8 are over 100 pounds. Within the first month we noticed a huge improvement in their coat and metabolism. We were so impressed we started selling it at our Dog Daycare. As we have gained ALS users, the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Your product RULES!

John N.

Both are bright eyed and bushy tailed

2/14/2011 – Maggie and Layla have been on CANIDAE for 2-1/2 years. Maggie turned 10 this year and still acts like Layla who is going to be 3 this year.

2011-02-14a 2011-02-14bBoth are bright eyed and bushy tailed, when they aren’t couch potatoes.

Karen A.

Their dry skin was no more

2011-02-232/23/2011 – Our dogs’ coats were dull and they scratched all the time. Our neighbor, who raises Golden Retrievers, suggested using CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula. In two weeks, we saw a definite difference and their dry skin was no more. Thanks CANIDAE!

Myron and Susan C
Sanger, CA

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