A Happy CANIDAE Family

August 23, 2013

annie-moose-jake-sarah8/7/2013 – After years of spending excessive amounts of money to satisfy our three dogs and their very different needs in terms of their food (Annie, the Wheaten Terrier cannot have grain or high protein diets like salmon; Moose, the French Bulldog cannot have salmon either but also needs a kibble small enough to fit his smaller mouth; and Jake, the Pit Bull cannot have anything with poultry), we are so happy to report that we have found the one food that caters to all of their needs:  Canidae Pure Sky.  In addition to having to accommodate all of the aforementioned needs, we also make it a point to only give our dogs top-of-the-line nutrition (our way of thinking- it is better to spend a little more money per bag for higher quality than to pay it in dividends in the way of Vet bills due to poor nutrition and ingredients) and Canidae comes as highly recommended by Vets and Pet Food Advisors as any brand out there.  And, as if all of this wasn’t enough- it is certainly worth mentioning how much our three dogs love this food.  They get so excited when it is dinner time and given how much we have struggled in the past to meet their needs and wants in their food; this has been just wonderful.  We are Canidae customers for life!

Sarah G.