Aela’s New, Healthy Coat

August 23, 2013

aela-patches8/11/2013 – I have previously given a review of Canidae food in regards to my dog, Huckleberry who has skin issues.  I now need to give a rave review in regards to my other dog, Aela.  Aela has the same parents as Huckleberry. hey are just from  different litter.  Both of them are Australian shepherd/golden retriever, and boxer mix.  While Huckleberry has the long fur like a Golden Retriever, Aela’s is thicker , but shorter hair.  Her hair always felt more course where Huckleberry’s was soft.  I thought there was no changing that.  After feeding her the Canidae lamb and rice, I am amazed how  soft she is.   The skin conditioners in this food is amazing.

Thanks again,
Patches B.
P.S.  they loved the samples of duck formula.