Rubie is now running and playing like a puppy

May 1, 2013

rubiebefore4/7/2009 – It was November 18, 2006 when Rubie stepped on the scale at Glenwood Vet Clinic in Glenwood, Iowa and had climbed to 105 pounds. Rubie should weigh anywhere from 65-70 pounds. Rubie is a medium sized mix breed dog (chow/lab mix) that we believe was dumped after Christmas 1998 as a puppy. We think she was about four months old, so we designated November 1st to be Rubie’s birthday.

When Rubie joined our household we had two other dogs and free feeding seemed to work out good us. Then in November 1999 we moved and I took over the reigns of running a boarding kennel. Two years later we had to move again. We left the kennel and then moved just outside of Malvern, Iowa in the country. When we left the kennel, we left with four more dogs, totaling seven. We still continued to free feed for quite some time and that is when Rubie really started to climb the scale. I always joked about wanting to blame my older brother for Rubie’s weight gain. When he stayed with us for a time I would come home and catch him feeding Rubie a sandwich, a whole sandwich. I would ask him what he was doing and he replied “she is hungry.” I replied, “I bet she is,” only to find out that my brother seemed to think that Rubie needed a sandwich every time he had one. When people would come over to visit they would comment on how heavy she was and it broke my heart. When Rubie got to the point where she could hardly reach around to clean herself and struggled walking up stairs or just stand up I knew I had to take control. In November 2006 she topped the scale at 105 pounds. Rubie has arthritis and her weight was a serious problem.

rubieafterThe veterinarian at Glenwood Vet Clinic put Rubie on a prescription diet. I had to stop free feeding and switch to feeding twice a day. This was the beginning of my taking control of my dogs’ lives. We returned to the vet clinic in December 2006 and she weighed in at 102.6 pounds. I was really hoping to see better results, but it had only been a short time on this new diet and eating schedule. I continued to feed the prescription diet but Rubie was not responding to it very well. She knew the other dogs were eating something else and if I didn’t keep a close eye on her she would bully her way into someone else’s bowl. By February 2007 Rubie weighed in at 97.8 pounds and then again in August her weight was 96.6 pounds. This was a total of 8.4 pounds lost but I felt I needed to change something. I needed to find a high quality food that I could feed all of my dogs. I contacted Tracy at Paw Prints in Glenwood to help me research different foods and what would work best for not just Rubie but all of my dogs. I wanted a food that not only would help in promoting good health, but a food that they would all like. I decided to try CANIDAE Platinum.

In addition to changing Rubie’s diet I had to get over my denial thinking that I was starving her by cutting down her food portion. After consulting with the vet, I switched all of my dogs’ food to CANIDAE Platinum and I cut Rubie’s portion down to one cup in the AM and one cup for the PM feeding. To get over some of my guilt thinking I was starving her I would add some green beans as a filler from time to time. She thought it was great and I think she felt like she was getting something special. Rubie has quite the personality and she has a lot to say when it comes to feeding time.

I continued the CANIDAE Platinum diet and her weight started to drop. Rubie’s energy level started to increase and you could just tell she was feeling better and getting healthier. I was actually starting to see her hips. At one point Rubie was so heavy that you could have used her back as a self. Not only have I noticed the weight starting to drop but her skin and coat improved too.

Rubie and I went into the Glenwood Vet Clinic on October 3, 2008 and she stepped on the scale. Rubie weighed in at 71 pounds, which is a 34 pound weight loss. The veterinarian and I were amazed and just downright excited. The vet praised me and gave me a pat the back and said it was my efforts that made the difference. Rubie and I returned on January 17, 2009 and she weighed in at 67.2 pounds for a grand total of 37.8 pounds gone!

Rubie is now running and playing like a puppy. She climbs steps with ease. She bats her ball around the yard like a soccer player. Everything about her overall health has improved drastically. Rubie turned ten on November 1, 2008 and I believe that due to the weight loss she has gained years of her life back. This has also helped all of my dogs manage their weight. I have control now.

The veterinarian finally said the words I wanted to here for a long time. It’s time to level her off, she is at a perfect weight now.

I just have to say to all of you out there that think you are depriving your family’s pets, because you think you are starving them, GET OVER IT. I did, and it paid off big. I believe with the help from the Vet, the Vet Clinic, Paw Prints, CANIDAE Platinum and just thinking about what was in Rubie’s best interest, this was truly our key to success! We as pet owners really need to take a better look at what we are feeding our animals and whether we are doing what is in their best interest.

Rubie is truly a success story for our family and we wanted to share our story with you.

Shari M. & Rubie
Malvern, Iowa