We’re Cultivating New Ways To Do Pet Food Better

CANIDAE® is getting more involved in the growing of some of the ingredients that we use in our pet foods. We’re partnering with US farmers to implement integrated farming methods and grow crops like peas, millet, and milo, as well as a variety of vegetables and herbs—instead of typical mass market crops like wheat, corn and soy. We want to help farmers find more ways to partner with nature rather than work against it.


With Nature

Using Tried & True Methods While Implementing New Ideas

Some of the integrated farming methods we’re implementing include a no-till approach to help preserve top soil and reduce water usage, using sheep to graze and naturally fertilize fields, using natural compost, using greenhouses to grow vegetables year-round, experimenting with beneficial insects to help control pests, and testing robotics to help keep weeds in check.



Our Goals Keep Growing & So Does Our Initiative

In 2017, we sourced hundreds of thousands of pounds from 7 fields. These ingredients included peas, milo, tomatoes, zucchini, sage, parsley, and rosemary. We estimate that in 2018 we’ll source even more—including produce, legumes, and grains from 11 fields. We’ve also had some crop failures over the past few years, but we continue to learn as we try new technologies and environmentally sustainable methods. As we learn, we’re adding more farmers to the initiative so they can grow more varieties and harvest much larger volumes.


Our Trusted

Our Partnerships With Farmers & Suppliers Are Very Important To Us

Our ultimate goal is to use ingredients that are mainly sourced through the CANIDAE® Farms Initiative, but the volume so far is a small part of our overall yearly needs and we continue to rely on our trusted network of farmers and suppliers in North America and around the world for our wholesome, high quality ingredients.



Our Future Is Bright & Our Commitment Is Strong

We’ve embarked on a long and difficult journey—and we’re a long way from achieving our vision—but we’ll keep taking small, but important, steps to get there.

Just as we have since the beginning, we’ll keep finding new ways to do better for pets and their people.