Quick Questions
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Do you have a Frequent Buyer Program?

Thank you for your support and for your inquiry. We have a Frequent Buyer Program: Buy 12 Get 1 Free. You will qualify for a free product after collecting 12 UPC codes and submitting them to your local retailer. If they do not participate in this program, please request a Frequent Buyer Program card from us. You will then return your UPC codes directly to CANIDAE®.

Please note that CANIDAE®‘s Frequent Buyer Program is not available at Petco; customers who shop at Petco can participate in Petco’s Pals Rewards Program. Please refer to Petco’s website for further details.

Do you offer coupons?

Your pets are going to love our foods and treats! Email us your address and we’ll send you a coupon.

Can I get a sample before I buy a bag?

Your pets are going to love our foods! Send us your address and we’ll send you a sample.

Where can I buy CANIDAE® in store?

Click here to use our Store Locator. Our dog foods, cat foods, and treats are available at thousands of locations throughout the United States and Canada and more than 34 countries worldwide.

Where can I buy CANIDAE® online?

Click here to view a list of online retailers who can deliver our delicious pet foods and tasty treats right to your door.

What is the difference between your CANIDAE® All Life Stages, Under The Sun, Grain Free PURE, Grain Free PURE Petite, and Grain Free PURE Ancestral product lines?

CANIDAE® All Life Stages Formulas feature optimum protein for nutritionally dense formulas. They are vet formulated for all ages, breeds, and sizes—making mealtimes for families with multiple pets much easier.

Our budget-friendly CANIDAE® Under The Sun® product line features mostly all grain free recipes made with single animal proteins and farm-grown ingredients. All recipes are also potato free.

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE dog and cat limited ingredient formulas are made with 7-10 key ingredients for fewer sensitivities. These simple, grain free recipes feature real meat or fish as the first ingredient with whole foods for gentle digestion.

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Petite® Small Breed dog formulas are made with 8 key ingredients for sensitive small dogs and a small kibble size petite pups prefer. We use real meat first and raw coat the kibble with freeze-dried meat for great-tasting nutrition that small dogs are sure to love.

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Ancestral dog formulas are made with an abundance of 6-7 meats in every formula for high protein from animal ingredients—and the powerful nutrition your dog needs. Then, we raw coat our kibble with freeze-dried meats for the amazing taste your dog craves.

Do you have products formulated for specific needs; i.e. puppies, kittens, seniors, overweight, hairball, etc?

Yes, we do. Please browse our product pages for dogs (click here) and cats (click here) to locate the specific formula you need for your pet.

How long does dry dog food stay good after the package is opened?

It is best used within 3 months after opening; it must be stored in a cool and dry place.

Are CANIDAE® product bags and cans recyclable?

Our plastic kibble and treat packaging is composed of polyethylene terephthalate and linear low-density polyethylene. Please check with your local recycling facility to ensure they are able to properly recycle these materials.

Our cans are composed of aluminum and tin with a paper label. Please check with your local recycling facility to ensure they are able to properly recycle these materials.

The color or shape of the kibble in my current bag is different than my last bag. Why is that?

Our pet foods are made in smaller batches. Though we use the same ingredients listed for each formula (what we say on the bag is what’s IN the bag!), any variations in color, size, or shape that you experience from bag to bag is due to the individual cooking process of each batch.

Do you have a breeder program?

Our Breeder program is open to those people in the U.S. and Canada who have multiple dogs or cats (three or more) and are actively involved in dog/cat activities such as performance, conformation, breeding, training, or rescue. CANIDAE® also works closely with such organizations as Greyhounds of America, Dogs for the Blind, and Fire and Law Enforcement Agencies.

You can apply online or via email. For eligibility and verification purposes, you will be asked to supply a copy of your business license, business card, a recently published ad, and/or an active website link when you apply. Rescue Organizations will be asked to submit proof of 501(3)(c) status or State Registration as a non-profit organization.

Sponsorship or Donation Requests

As much as our resources allow, we are happy to help organizations that want to help animals. Please fill out this form and we will review submissions.