Why do canned formulas vary slightly in color and texture?

January 18, 2016

CANIDAE® canned products are loaves. Our loafed formulas are of a very high meat content make up. Each batch run consist of 2000 pounds. The ingredients are placed into the can and then the lid is applied. The can then goes into the cooking process and the meat in the can is cooked. The can is then cooled with water and the final process applies the label and puts the cans into trays. We run many batches each and every day utilizing this canning process.

Because we use so much meat in our products, and the canning processes cooks the products in the can, each batch will vary slightly in color and texture. If you could imagine cooking your favorite dinner recipe two separate times utilizing the same ingredients and the same cooking temperatures, each dish would vary slightly in color and consistency. The same theory applies to loafed cans slightly varying in color and texture.